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    Firearms For sale 22BRA with a .308 barrel.

    Defiance deviant built to sage flat shooters specs. Trigger tech diamomd trigger. Bartlein heavy varmint 1-7" 24" .22BRA. Less than 400 rounds. ACE heavy varmint 1-10" 24" .308. Fluted and cerakoted. Less than 1000 rounds. Mcmillan ADJ A5 sniper fill. Basic M5 bottom metal. Both barrels shoot...
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    Optics Sold

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    Optics Sold

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    Optics Sold

    Up for sale is a like new Optronika 5-25. Switchview, ARC rings, original scope caps, and level included. $2400 OBO
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    Reloading Equipment WTB 22-243 MIDDLESTEAD DIES.

    Looking to buy a set of 22-243 middlestead dies, full length, and seater.
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    Reloading Equipment WTB Gen 1 AMP annealer.

    Looking to buy a gen1 Amp annealer.
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    Hunting & Fishing Let’s start a coyote thread.

    Shooting the 77g out of a 22BRA, Bartlein 1-7 #3B, Evo titanium action. Just ordered the 71g match for the .223 1-7 Bartlein, defiance.
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    Hunting & Fishing Let’s start a coyote thread.

    Just finished up for the day with the cayuga bullet. All four had minimal pelt damage. Closest shot 130, longest 621, exits were similar, tiny. None of them stayed in the animals. These are going to be the bullet I use from now on for coyotes. They are a bit more money than your standars ELD...
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    Hunting & Fishing Let’s start a coyote thread.

    Ok guys, in case you were wondering about the cayuga 77g .224 bullets on hide damage. This is the second coyote i have shot head on, with exits mid rib cage. As you know, generally these are the worst type of exits in regarda to pelt damage. Both times, the exit hole has been an inch or less...
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    Hunting & Fishing Let’s start a coyote thread.

    For all the coyote hunters who want to save hides, I would look at the 77g Cayuga bullet in .224 available from Patriot Valley Arms. Just started using them this year, exit holes have been more than pleasant in regards to sewing. Bullets shoot extremely well out of my 7 twist, .223 and 22BRA...
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    Hunting & Fishing New Hunting Bullets Available

    I have been using the 77g .224 on coyotes this year, this is the bullet for minimal pelt damage. Bullets shoot great out of my 22BRA, and .223 7twist barrels.
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    Hunting & Fishing Lucky Duck Or Icotech?

    I have the shockwave and the Xwave, the shockwave has been loud enough to cover any situation I have been in, in eastern Montana. The Xwave is a little louder, but sounds are still crisp at max volume.
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    Optics WTB MARK 5 3.6-18 TMR

    Looking to buy a Leupold Mark5 3.6-18 with the TMR reticle, non illuminated. Need a lighter optic for the coyote gun.
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    Optics WTS BNIB Steiner P4Xi 4-16x56 Illum SCR reticle

    What is the weight on this unit?