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    Spuhr Clamping Screws?

    Did you try Mile High Shooting?
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    Project complete

    Gotta love a 308!!!
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    what is this scope name?

    It's a Steiner M5xi 5-25x56. Excellent scope.
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    WTB: Giraud Trimmer 308 Case Holder

    I’m looking for a 308 case holder for a Giraud power trimmer. Thanks
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    Nightforce told me to use 100in/lbs on ring clamps - it broke

    65 in/lbs on cross bolts 15-25 in/lbs on ring screws 100 ft/lbs for the lug nuts on your car.
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    Issue with NightForce nx8

    Excellent decision!
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    Nikon Monarch 3 4-16 x 42 mm BDC Scope

    If I was in your situation with that scope, there are 2 things I would do. 1. Get a reliable range finder and learn to use it. Obviously, not being able to accurately estimate the yardage was a contributing factor to you miss. 2. Once you have a range finder and can use it, shoot at various...
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    Nikon Monarch 3 4-16 x 42 mm BDC Scope

    Is there any reason why you aren't using a laser rangefinder to measure distance?
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    Ordered a prefit in July...still not done....reasonable??

    I ordered a prefit from them on 3/27 and just received it. It was a Proof carbon and they waited forever to get the blank from Proof. Nick had the barrel chambered and shipped to me within 2 days of receiving the blank. A lot of what’s going on is out of their control and delivery times are...
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    NF Scopes or Leupold?

    If you want the best, go Tangent Theta or ZCO. I’ve had several NF scopes. They are good but not in the same league as TT or ZCO.
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    Accuracy International AXSR .338 Lapua brand new in the box!

    Nice snag. That’s is a sweet rifle.
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    Straight Jacket Armory

    I placed an order with them on 3/27 for a Proof Sendero Light 22" barrel. Nick called last week and said the barrel was finally received from Proof. They had it chambered and ready to ship in a couple days after receipt. He apologized profusely for the long wait time. He's a good guy and I...
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    6.5 Creedmoor Zero

    Whichever one you shoot more accurately.