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    Tuners in question ?

    A couple of antidotal observations: Does a loose wobbly tuner or brake affect accuracy, sure has when it's happened to me.. I've had a brand-new Remington factory 6.5, shoot no better than 1.5MOA. Strapped a Magneto speed to it to see what the heck might be going on with the velocity of the...
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    22i versus 34 etc for hunting ?

    One of the things, especially hunting in the West, people don’t often understand is you generally have time to formulate a plan. Often you’ll glass stuff miles away, you have time to set tripod especially if it has a sling. With distance come time, with time you can set up much better. The 22i...
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    SOLD RRS Realy Right Stuff Ultralight Tripod TFC-33 Mk2 for sale

    RRS Realy Right Stuff Ultralight Tripod TFC-33 3 section Mk2 for sale. Asking $900 plus shipping. These are out of stock at RRS and sell for $1,120.00 with the included sling collar Used once for an elk trip only car spotting - it's amazing but I have three tripods. Selling the one in the best...
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    WTB RRS TVC-33 tripod

    if you are still listing I am listing one now.. they are still out of stock at RRS
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    Spotting scope tripod advice

    Other than square range setups where you can use a buggy or short hop from the vehicle to practice or that's how the PRS match is set up, where heavy doesn't matter... There are TWO camps for hunting and tripods; the same is true for most field matches or matches require you are far away from...
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    SOLD SOLD MDT ACC With Extras 2K invested asking only $800

    sorry I had move the prefix to sold -- but didn't update the title -- it is sold
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    Stone Glacier Gear

    I also use Kifaru stuff. Their Gun bearer (sp) is the best product ever - I even use the clip on my bino harnes for my bow. I’d agree - Kifaru is in another league when it comes to durability
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    Stone Glacier Gear

    Yeah I’m sure the product has failed before but I am with you above. I’ve hauled numerous Elk quarters out. Sometimes with so much I can barely walk and usually need help to sit up. Truth be told even if the pack stay broke at some point I’d rather have the hip system over that keeps the hind...
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    Stone Glacier Gear

    Love my 3/4 zip Kuiu - buddies having to untie their boots and I am out of mine like a $20 hooker and back in biz before he can even get his second boot off
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    Stone Glacier Gear

    Here is the basic issue- some people need ultra robust outer layer, other something ultra light and breathable, some rain resistant and some quite as possible- Just like packs, buy the wrong one optimized for a use that is not your’s and you’ll think it is junk. It isn’t always in the product...
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    SOLD SOLD MDT ACC With Extras 2K invested asking only $800

    SPF to Herb Stoner Guys I tried to answer as much as I could but really went with the easiest transaction as this is a amazing deal- hell have someone interested in the extra buttstock for $200 so the buyer might only be in $600 - Sorry off on a bow hunt if I was not able to answer everyone-...
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    Stone Glacier Gear

    I was not recommending XO. Get over yourself- but rather saying their weight target is in the middle
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    Stone Glacier Gear

    - the Carbon Frame is US-made by Rocket Composites. Some items Asia for sure, but actually all over like Kawada Feather and Toray from Japan. Just as Cuben Fiber now Dyneema® was first only available in limited supplies, many of the very best US ultralight tent and pack manufacturers needed to...