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    LMT Piston Upper vs PWS piston upper vs LMT DI

    Any op rod/tappet AR pattern system that isn't a short-barreled HK is fucking pointless. - Sincerely, a guy that spent the the better part of a decade avoiding DI AR's and pissing away tons of cash on dozens of HK 416 uppers. Given how much the gun community wants to brag about not cleaning...
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    SB Short Dot Dual CC 1-8 red dot problem

    Mine are this way as well. Just chalked this up to whatever voodoo is required to keep the dot SFP. In actual use, I've yet to see it be a significant problem.
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    Semi Auto for LE

    Really? Ya think?
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    Semi Auto for LE

    Not by the time you get all the comms bullshit added's about the same.
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    Semi Auto for LE

    Because a can is cheaper than workman's comp and hearing loss.
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    Semi Auto for LE

    LOL...fair point. You know what I mean though...Everybody dumped the FGMM and lapped up the Hornady TAP stuff for LE a long time ago ya know cause it's GREAT. But don't forget your 165 GMX's in case it's not open air/barrier But to answer the riddle... 6mm ARC for a guy that doesn't...
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    ZCO vs TT

    Pick based on reticle. If that's a wash, for a big x56mm: TT. For smaller x50mm: ZCO.
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    Semi Auto for LE

    LE semi-auto 308's...oh the struggles. In 12 years of seeing and doing LE sniper work, I would say that a good 5.56 carbine with a good 1-6x could do 85-90% of the LE sniper/observer mission. A thoughtfully kitted and selected DMR/SPR could do 98% Unless you're doing a lot of aerial stuff...
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    where to get dummy rounds?

    And/or sharpie the bullet a different color like McCourt does on his rainbow box-o-crayon work-up loads.
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    Youtubers to watch

    Whatchu talkin bout?...that Magpul Dynamics precision DVD was comedic gold. I dig the AK negligent discharge as well. He and Costa have been oddly quiet for a while given that they were the ones that helped spark the training/flashy content creation movement. I got no personal beef with the...
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    Youtubers to watch

    Anyone under the Leviathan Tribe banner can eat a dick with one exception....Jerry Miculek. Jerry was grinding on the exhibition circuit with real skill and is one of the old-school dudes that deserves to get paid way more than any "content creator" or "influencer". Free pass,