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    I voted

    I voted. I voted with intellect and not emotion. I voted for Law and Order. I voted for optimism not a dark winter I voted for the Constitution. I voted to maintain my rights. I voted knowing Covid is way bigger than 1 man's control. I voted knowing God will deliver us through all things. I...
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    Did I get ripped off by Optic planet

    Ok we have established I’m a dummie that should be kicked in both of his balls for his own good. I went back to OP and checked. It does say extended back order. In very small print, they did say it. Now I bought another one already. But I wanted another for my 308 so I’m thinking of letting it...
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    Did I get ripped off by Optic planet

    Ok I got my new Vortex ordered, tomorrow I‘ll cancel the other one. Thank you to everyone.
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    Did I get ripped off by Optic planet

    Ok Mr Maggot balls. Lol
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    Did I get ripped off by Optic planet

    Redmanss you are so right. I screwed the pooch that time, what Can I say. I’m going cancel And buy another this weekend. Everyone kick me in the ball I deserve it.
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    Did I get ripped off by Optic planet

    I order a vortex razor (not cheap) rings (not cheap) some other stuff (cheap) from Optic Planet using PayPal. Money was grabbed that night. PayPal grabbed my money out of my account that night. (Not waiting the 6 months). Optic Planet sent A Email that night I would get a Email with tracking...
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    Caught Spunking by the Boss's

    He was rubbing it out for the boys and a Karen turn him in.
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    How much longer will the ammunition shortage last

    To you guys that are well connected and smarter than me. How much longer will the ammunition shortage last. I think to after Election Day. But not sure after that.
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    Looking for shooting class in Dallas

    I got it set up to go to Triple C tomorrow.
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    Taran’s Tiddy Team

    Bottom line if a women likes me I can find something to like about her.
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    New Sniper's Hide Emojis

    We need “Hold my Beer”
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    Run on banks before election

    I ask my financial advisor about the need for cash and gold. He told me if it gets that bad you need bullets
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    COFFEE IS READY. Smell the rich aroma of the dark roast?

    I like my coffee like I like my women. Hot and black
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    Quiz on Viet Nam

    I got 25 out 30. I smoke to much weed back then.