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    Ammo question

    Then Lapua has essentially no competition :ROFLMAO: ... get it up to about 80-85 degrees F. and it's so slippery it's a challenge to hang onto it enough to stuff it into magazines... Fwiw, Devan at the Mesa, AZ test center told me all Lapua and SK labels except Polar Biathlon use the same lube...
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    Who has Vudoo aluminum 12 or 15 round mags in stock?

    That's interesting (discontinue / redesign). I have two 15-rounders. Early on, I had quite a but of trouble with misfeeds - cartridge simply would not strip out of the mag and bolt stopped cold. I was very confident rim-lock wasn't the issue. What I finally learned is the cartridges MUST stack...
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    How do you use different ammo off of your current zero?

    Got it. Thanks for explanation. I still say the documentation could be much clearer, but y'all showed how to get it done - much appreciated. Hopefully this also helps OP.
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    How do you use different ammo off of your current zero?

    I can see how using zero range could provide a vertical offset, albeit not terribly intuitive - looks like a user would have to physically move a target to find the exact vertical POA/POI cross point. And that doesn't allow for windage. I poked around with various edit functions and could not...
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    Ammo question

    All mid-grade to match-grade factory .22LR is lead coated with some sort of lubricant. None of it is copper-washed. All of it is "standard velocity" - some will lot-test in the 1100fps range but none will be the 1200fps or faster high-velocity stuff. Lapua and Eley are the big players in the...
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    How do you use different ammo off of your current zero?

    OP says he is using "the Hornady app," which I take to mean Hornady 4DOF. This reply assumes he is not familiar with other apps, and I may be wrong on that. 4DOF, insofar as I can tell, does NOT support entry of zero offset. So, for everyone telling OP to enter the offset into his calculator -...
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    Possible Carbon Ring?

    How many rounds total on the barrel? I'm dubious that a carbon ring would cause a 2.5 mil windage shift, especially when you say that you corrected your zero and still missed at 300 yards (what size target did you miss?). I'm more suspicious that your scope or mount has taken a dump. I've found...
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    scratches in new barrel

    Bullets on targets are what matter. Premium barrels tend to have fairly (but not totally) pristine bores. Factory rifles... not so much, and the cheaper the rifle the more "imperfections" are likely to be seen. I've owned a pair of mid-tier AR rifles made by a small company with a well-earned...
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    9mm die options

    When I first started reloading metallic cartridges circa late 1970s, I was all precise about getting the 9mm cartridges just as perfect as I could on that old single-stage press. I didn't even have a carbide size die so I was having to lube cases with all the aggravation that entails. I hated...
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    Off the shelf Precision Rifle under $2K recommendations

    @AleksanderSuave brings up very valid issues - especially as regards Beretta "service." I stand by my opinion that Tikka rifles are great at their price point. BUT. The caveat is - and I learned this through direct experience - you'll need a knowledgable smith to help you change barrels and...
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    Off the shelf Precision Rifle under $2K recommendations

    My $.02 based on getting into precision rifle 5 years ago after a lifetime of clay target competition (on which I burned out several years ago): Ruger RPR: It will work, probably. It will be accurate, probably. But it will always be a Ruger, definitely. If you evolve in precision rifle, you'll...
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    What does an expensive Chronograph get me?

    The major advantage of more expensive units is vastly improved convenience, as mentioned in previous posts. There is definitely a learning curve to using a LabRadar. The biggest caveat to LR in my experience is anyone trying to use one on a cluttered/close/indoor range is likely to experience...
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    Help Newbie Spend/Save $$$

    Please, please don't spend $3800 on a rifle that is NOT suited to long-range precision. It's an overpriced hunting rifle. At 10 pounds, its about 2/3 - 1/2 the weight of most of the rifles you'd see at matches. The 18" barrel will limit the velocity of whatever centerfire cartridge caliber you...
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    I had a Razor gen-2 4.5-27x56 on my Vudoo for a couple of years. That scope adjusts down to 32 yards - at full power. None of the competitions I've shot in the past get that close... but I've never, ever come close to wanting or needing anything close to max magnification during a match anyway...
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    Vortex Razor HD Gen III 6-36x56

    Glad you and others are reporting worthwhile improvement. I sent mine in early on and elevation/windage are still too stiff and gummy. I still plan on ordering another one by month's end... turret feel notwithstanding, other improvements are compelling.