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    Autotrickler problem

    LOL. I never even tried unplugging it and plugging it back in. Thanks for the ideas guys, I will give it a shot.
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    Autotrickler problem

    I am having a problem with my Autotrickler. I have had it for a couple years and last year I upgraded it to the Wifi connection. I have used it several times after the upgrade with no problems. I went to use it last night, after a few months of not using it, and when I tried to use it it...
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    Use a grain mill to make your own tumbling media.

    Do you use any polishing compounds with the rice?
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    Use a grain mill to make your own tumbling media.

    Ok thanks. I love using the rice but I found it gets stuck in the cases, even my 6mm. This will fix that problem. Thanks.
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    Use a grain mill to make your own tumbling media.

    What grain mill machine is that?
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    .243 ai realistic velocities

    My standard 243 will push the 105 bergers to just over 3200fps. If that helps you.
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    Accuracy International Picture Thread

    I love Area 419 stuff. I even have their Zero Press. Yeah I spent too much on something I knew I was going to cut down. But I can cut up the section that I am not using and use the rail on another gun. So not a total waste.
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    Accuracy International Picture Thread

    If the serrations are not too deep it will be fine. Also you can leave more material on the front if you are planning on doing the serrations.
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    Accuracy International Picture Thread

    After just getting my 1st AI I installed the RRS plate on it. I really hated the look and the feel of it, I almost put the stock plastic one back on. Then I saw the mod mod they did to the Area 419 one I had to do it myself. I just got it done last night. It was a easy job, only took a half...
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    Zermatt TL3 to a muzzle loader (list on #162)

    How about doing them for a Tikka? I am in if you can do them for the Tikka.
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    New press announcement from Area 419

    For you guys waiting on your Zero press you won't be disapointed. I have had mine for a couple weeks now and I love it. I just processed 1000 380 cases, I know on a single stage press, I even have a Hornady lock n load but i prefer using a single stage press. How smooth the press is, the...
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    Frank on Just FN send it.

    1st off this was a awesome podcast from David and Frank. Lots a great info on this one. I really loved hearing about what Dr. Maurer was talking about. I really think Frank or even David need to have Dr. Maurer on their podcast and talk about the JFK shooting and the Kyle Rittenhouse shooting...
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    Introducing TS Customs 17WSM RimX Rifles

    That is looking good. I am interested in one of these. I already have a Savage, Ruger, Franklin Armory and a VQ in 17WSM so I would like to see how it compares to them. What is the weight on it? When I go hunting I do a lot of walking so weight is a concern for me.
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    Powder at midway!

    well that sold out fast, Varget anyways
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    147 ELD-M breaking up and tips melting?

    Nothing in writing. But a couple techs at Hornady told me the same thing. Try to get some new stuff and try it.