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    USMC .300 WinMag

    Yep....forgot about spare parts. Now I see where the money's going. Seems to be somewhat inline. Thx TD.
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    USMC .300 WinMag

    I just read that the USMC was getting 346 of these bad boys at a cost of 4.3 million dollars. That works out to a smidge over 12k per. What in the name of all that's good could cause it to cost so much? I must be missing something in my math somewhere, but it surely escapes me right now...
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    Gunsmithing 22 Creedmoor

    The 6.5 gauges should suit you just fine. Otherwise, use the piece of brass method. No Scotch tape on case head is the GO, 1 layer of Scotch brand invisible tape for NO GO.
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    Gunsmithing Bolt Coating on Bare Metal

    I am just thinking out loud here....wonder if Alumahyde would work?
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    Talk me into or out of 6BR for PRS

    If you want to form your own 6BR from 308, I believe you can get the PBike257 shoulder setback die and get all you could want. Just sayin'. Check him out on YouTube
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    22 Creedmoor shooters - any regrets?

    I have a mentor that can help me with all the basics, while still getting this in the go along. If we decide that i'm better served just loading for 223 and see what happens then i'll do that until i get more proficient. Otherwise, its damn the torpedoes ....full steam ahead!! *all kidding...
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    22 Creedmoor shooters - any regrets?

    I have not ever reloaded a single rifle cartridge, much less delve into the wildcat world. BUT...the idea of this thing has me jacked to start into all of it!!
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    Gunsmithing Looking for a better 223 magazine option

    Legacy system?? Can you clear this up for us new guys?
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    Toggle Action Rimfires

    YES...PLEASE...pix & info for Mack Bros stuff
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    K-Bars What Knife is in your pocket right now?

    Kershaw Shuffle in all black. Closest knockoff I can get to the Mantis Tough Tony. I've been pining for that Mantis a while now.
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    Gunsmithing My take on inboard and outboard spiders

    That's got it!!! Thanks....
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    Gunsmithing My take on inboard and outboard spiders

    TIP- can you provide a link to that thread "how theythey do it" ? I'm having a @$&# of a time finding it from my phone
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    Suppressors speed increase normal?

    Re: speed increase normal? Maybe all the tear down and put back changed the zero, don't know. I guess i'll just have to take my friend's crono out and test to see. Either way, i'm stoked as hell that i finally got to shoot the thing w/the can. Looks like its gunna shoot just fine with a few...
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    Suppressors speed increase normal?

    I recently cut and threaded the barrel on my Salvage varmint rifle to use my Shark. Went from 24" to just a RCH over 20" and when rezeroing found that the POI had risen considerably. By all accounts, losing a bit of barrel and the addition of the can I would have thought to be a wash. You guys...