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    F T/R Competition Tucson AZ F-class?

    Check out desert Sharpshooters website Phoenix Ben Avery
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    .243 ai

    Good info
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    See you all there
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    F T/R Competition 185s....

    mine will shoot both but the Hybrids worked best for me
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    F T/R Competition F-class shooters bottom of the barrel, really?

    Wile Shooting a Match in Lodi WI. I was listening to a conversation from a Well known Bench Rest shooter. Where he was comenting about how I was kicking his Azz with A varnmint rifle... Note I am A F/TR shooter. ya know thats the best I have ever felt at the end of a match... I have Quite a few...
  6. esromvre

    F T/R Competition 308 ft/r go to bullet?

    These shot well for me but you are looking at a 22 inch barrel not giving you a advantage in the F-Class relm at all. I am hoping to find any bullet that will make up for my mistakes..LOL
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    F T/R Competition Which Lapua

    Re: Which Lapua I recomend the Large primer.....
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    Private NON licenced reloaders

    Re: Private NON licenced reloaders I have a friend that loads pistol and I load Rifle. If I have people ask me to load them ammo. I just tell them I can show them how, and THEY can use my equptment when I am arround.
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    Reloading with the same weight bullet?

    Re: Reloading with the same weight bullet? The Jackets on Scenars are to hard for a good soft tissue hit on deer Not enough impact to cause them to expand or distort. So you are left using the Vacume cavity to make the Kill when you dont hit any good solid bone. A-Max works well for me in...
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    110BA .338-High pressure where it shouldn't be.

    Re: 110BA .338-High pressure where it shouldn't be. I had something simaler to what you are having. I have had a HTR for years and the new barrel did this often working with the manufacture we found that the chamber was not allowing the brass to expand and contract. they set me up with a...
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    F T/R Competition Shooting a .223 at 600 yards

    Re: Shooting a .223 at 600 yards I have won Plenty of 600 yard F-Class matches with a 223. Just work your load and pay attension to the wind. You will have nothng over a 308 but the win is sooooo much sweeter..
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    F T/R Competition Salt Bath Nitriding for F-Class

    Re: Salt Bath Nitriding for F-Class Mine is fine... MMI Truetec dose a great job. When I loose points its me....