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    Determining Bullet Size for 303 Savage

    .308" bullets will work. You can use the round nose bullets that are commonly used for the 30/30. Since you have a savage 99, you could use pointed bullets if you like, the only issue would be if the COL will fit the magazine and if the pointed bullets will feed properly. If it were me, I'd use...
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    Oversized expander ball in FL sizing die? Anybody use one?

    I do just as you describe for two rifle calibers and my ammo has very low measured runout. Have you actually tried it?
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    Forster NM 308 confusion

    I used a Forster 308 Win. National Match die for two decades. It just gives you the capacity for a little more F/L shoulder bump, if you need it. You set the die up just like you do with any other F/L die. It made accurate ammunition. I bought it for sizing my cases for use in my M-1A. No voodoo...
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    Forster NM 308 confusion

    From your description, you don't put case lube on the case body & down onto the case web?
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    Forster NM 308 confusion

    Yes, YOU adjust the amount of shoulder bump. The die is cut to give you .003" more, if you need it. When you get a new sizing die, you clean the inside well to get the factory oil off then put a little sizing lube on a Q tip on the inside of the die. Use a good case lube first like Imperial to...
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    IMR 3031 for 6.5 CM?

    Like everyone is trying to tell you, no, 3031 is way too fast for the 6.5 CM. Go look at some on line loading manuals, you won't see 3031 for the 6.5 CM. Fastest powders listed for 6.5 CM is 4895 / 8208 and are for the lighter bullets.
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    Is my sizing die defective or am i just dumb

    The Redding Competition shell holders will NOT help if his die is not bumping the shoulder enough. They go from +002" to +010", not MINUS, which would give more shoulder bump. The sanding down a regular S/H method can work.
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    New to Reloading. What do I need to get started?

    I don't do some of them either, although your comment about single digit SD's says you know what S/D E/S is and use a chronograph. A lot of regular reloaders don't use a chronograph or understand what a single digit S/D means and why it can be important in L/R shooting. My point was for the...
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    New to Reloading. What do I need to get started?

    Precision reloading is a little different than just the reloading that is described in a standard reloading manual. You need to educate yourself on all of the tools most of us use to make precision ammo. Understanding the reasons for using bushing dies, annealing, neck turning, neck mandrels...
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    a source for bulk 30 caliber FMJ bullets

    ^^^^^Did you see their prices? Disgusting. ^^^^^
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    WC844 in stock at American Reloading

    All shows OOS.
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    Issues with case extraction after 3 firing.

    Midsouth has a Redding body die in 300 RUM in stock. It's not a small base, but it might work.
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    6.5CM resized brass Comparator 0.400 measurement ?

    The recommendation for the .375" insert for the 6.5 CM is on Hornady's web page recommending it.!/
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    6.5CM resized brass Comparator 0.400 measurement ?

    Just set your die to bump fired cases .002". Most chambers are cut to be no more than .002"-.003" from a SAAMI minimum GO Gauge. You are F/L sizing. When you bump .002". F/L sizing doesn't mean setting your die so the shell holder smashes into the die as far as it will go. Setting the die...
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    6.5CM resized brass Comparator 0.400 measurement ?

    First thing, your Hornady tool is a "Comparator", not a SAAMI spec gauge. You're NOT going to get SAAMI spec drawing numbers off of that comparator. Proper use of the comparator is to measure your fired cases in your rifle and use the comparator to set your F/L die to bump the case shoulder back...