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    Will we ever seen an all steel chassis?

    I think it'll happen someday when people feel the need to have 30+ pound rifles to be competitive. What's it going to take for the PRS,NRL, etc to make weight limits?
  2. Gil P.

    Which 2-stage Remington trigger?

    I pre ordered a Curtis Vector action and would like some opinions on a good 2 stage trigger. I've been using a Timney CE 2 stage for a little over a year now, and I like it. Should I try something different?
  3. Gil P.

    Precision Underground rear bags?

    What do you all think of these? I've used a Str8laced that I put heavier fill in for a few years, I've also used a Tab gear rear bag; I really hate both of them. I want something that isn't difficult to adjust the height of, and that is stable.