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    Rethinking the Redding Type S dies. What say you?

    For the reasons you mention, I prefer the Forster FL dies with the neck honed by them to my specs. John
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    Electric Trucks

    I talked to a guy the other day that had an F250 with the 7.3 Godzilla. His lifetime average was 12.6 for mostly highway driving at 5 over the posted speed limit. He was absolutely satisfied with its towing abilities. I really thought about one before my last truck purchase, but ended up...
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    Mighty Armory Full length sizing die

    This was using the Forster ring. Satisfied with the results from the Forster dies, so not pursuing it any further. John
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    Mighty Armory Full length sizing die

    Forster Coax. John
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    Electric Trucks

    When they come out with one that has a 700 mile range and a 13,500 lb towing capacity, then I might be interested. John
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    Mighty Armory Full length sizing die

    I had high hopes for it but it just didn’t turn out that way. John
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    Spotters Tract Toric

    Spent 9 days out in the NM boonies with mine on a Muley hunt. Didn’t get a Muley, but the glass was superb in all regards. I cannot imagine wanting more. Will definitely be adding the 22x mil reticle eyepiece. For those interested, Tract offers a nice military/veteran’s discount too. John
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    6.5 Creedmoor

    Update to add velocity. Took this load out to 900 yards and calculated the velocity with Ballistic AE. It worked out to 2883 and the group was stupid good, about 5” horizontal, and less than 2” vertical. John
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    Mighty Armory Full length sizing die

    Went back to my honed Forster die. Produces a Little less runout than the MA for me. While the MA has a nicer finish, it just sits on the shelf now. John
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    Spotters Tract Toric

    Ordered the 27-55 today for an upcoming Mulie hunt. Looking forward to putting it through its paces. From everything I’ve read, it’s about as close to Alpha you can get without paying Alpha prices. Also really like that I can get a mil reticle eyepiece. Struggling whether to get the 22x or...
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    What is the best powder for 6.5 Creedmoor (even if not available)

    I prefer Varget with 120 to 130 gr bullets and H4350 or R16 for 120 to 147gr bullets. R16 performs well but is a little bulky, resulting in compressed loads sometimes. Haven’t tried any yet, but R15.5 sounds interesting for 120 to 130gr bullets too. John
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    God Bless Texas! John
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    God Bless Texas!

    I suppose it would have been better if he DIDN’T do the executive order against vaccine mandates… John
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    God Bless Texas! John
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    Needing Sage Advice on a Season of Failed Load Development

    Looking at the pic again, I think it’s 40.9. I think I misread your handwriting the first time I looked at it. So, I’d shoot 40.9 again and if it repeats, start a seating depth test. Berger suggest .040” intervals for their test. I use .025” because it’s a single full turn on my Forster...