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    I'll just leave this here. Unbelievable.

    It's shameful what Australia has done to its citizens.
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    Im an asshole, rip me to shreds.
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    Rifle Scopes Quigley Q520 ffp

    Looks like QF just had a redesign and now I'm between this and a NF ATACR. Nightforce is cool but I'd like to impress my friends with not one, but two focal planes. Can you pukes me decide?
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    Did I finally get a good deal?

    The SLR stuff on that rifle alone is >$800 new. I'd say you got a deal.
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    Rifle Scopes Limited Run Elite Tactical HDMR II-CR (Close Range)

    thats disappointing when they have the G3 reticle thats so popular. A G3 with .2 sub tensions on the X-axis would be 🔥 but the G3 has served me well.
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    Looking to Move South

    Central Texas - New Braunfels/Canyon Lake area might work for you. Not exactly cheap for gated communities around here, but if you sold all your properties you could afford to live in one. There is a private 500m range that I'm a member of that welcomes new members occasionally.
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    AR Ban Implications on existing owners and Boulder Tragedy

    There is something to be said for using their own logic and reasoning against them. I'm starting to see that approach becoming more mainstream. Look at the border crisis.
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    AR Ban Implications on existing owners and Boulder Tragedy

    I think we must have been neighbors
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    Seekins or Daniel Defense AR15 help

    Seekins ambi controls were a big surprise to me when I handled one the first time... There is a lot of value in those rifles.
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    Buying Accuracy Int. Rifle

    AI-AT owner here... I think a lot of us here took the route of selling off a bunch of gear to afford the AI we purchased. The only regret was spending money on other rifles in the first place. It was the best decision i've ever made in the shooting sports. Someone mentioned the buying AT-X and I...
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    Best Chronograph out there?

    Sold the LR years ago and bought the MS - never looked back. I was tired of missing data during load development. For example, it would capture shots 1-3, miss 4 & 5, then capture 6-10. Even after talking to LR owner/tech on the phone the problem persisted. I found myself always borrowing a...
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    Which pistol vault?

    I've had the SV5000 for 6+ years and its only used to keep my EDC pistol locked away from kiddos. I got the 4 button kind (not the biometric version) and I've only had to replace the batteries on it once. The upright orientation works best for my particular application. There are many different...
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    JP Enterprises Captured Spring System

    I think JP's guide will help you on your quest for the proper setup. There is a selection tree toward the bottom. Long story short, its all going to depend on YOUR specific setup(s). I recently tuned my AR15 using the SCS. It's a night and day difference. JP Rifles Spring Selection Guide You...
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    What's your preferred method of bore sighting your scope?

    I'm lazy... Single 1" dot on an all white target at 100y. 24"x24" works well. remove bolt (AR15 remove upper from lower and remove BCG), look through barrel, find paper, and use dot as reference if you can see it through the barrel. without disturbing rifle, adjust reticle to 1" dot... repeat...