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    New 6mm Advanced Rifle Cartridge

    I am actively trying to stop reloading, so all the 6mm wildcats don't do anything for me. This cartridge looks like a good option. I am guessing Hornady will likely end up keeping ammo prices in the same general range as their 6.5Grendel ammo, which is pretty reasonable. Some earlier posts...
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    Guidance on The Path... (scope selection assistance)

    Stick with mrad and go for Steiner P4Xi 4-16x56 while these are available. ILya
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    Looking for a 34mm 30moa scope mount, does it exist?

    Select-A-Slope Aadmount will do the trick if you can find one. That would be my ultimate choice, but it is not cheap. The cheapest option is probably Burris' new Signature QD mount. You can use the inserts to dial in the slope. I have not tested...
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    Meopta Optika 6, Athlon Ares ETR, Bushnell LRTSi or....?

    Everything that goes across the border is. Generic rifle scopes are a bit of a grey area, but most people do not want to mess with it. I know SWFA can sell most scopes to Canada and UK, but you have to talk to them directly for specifics. ILya
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    New 6mm Advanced Rifle Cartridge

    The statement that terminal ballistics are equal or better than the 308 is straight up lying. If they said that the terminal ballistics of their special 6mm bullet are better than 147gr FMJ 308, I would be totally on board with that. The blanket statement is full of manure. As far as the...
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    New High End Tactical article

    Reticles are very personal. There are some I like, some I can live with and some that make me nauseous. I am sufficiently picky about reticles that I even designed a few for some manufacturers. ILya
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    New 6mm Advanced Rifle Cartridge

    I offered three options. You are looking at the last one. I'd be very surprised if Tom is lying, but I would not be at all surprised if final production ammo turned out to be a bit different than the first batches of ammo used for the marketing push. It might not even be all that...
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    New 6mm Advanced Rifle Cartridge

    I have not yet seen an ammo introduction where the manufacturers were not either mistaken about velocity or lying about velocity or paying some gunwriter to lie about velocity. And that's before we get to them saying nonsense about accuracy, barrel life, terminal ballistics, etc. I think I...
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    New 6mm Advanced Rifle Cartridge

    I am happy to see someone finally standardized one of the 6mm Grendel wildcats, although they way they did it, it will chamber quite nicely in the Grendel chamber. I bet a few people will do that. I have been shooting 6.5Grendel pretty much since it came out and it is easily my favourite...
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    Help Me Decide: ATACR vs. PMII vs. Razor

    Under $4k, out of your options, you should get S&B with GR2ID reticle. ILya
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    New Tract Toric 4.5-30x56

    I am not sure where you got those numbers for the Stryker FOV, but I suspect they are incorrect. Delta lists the Stryker FOV as virtually identical to Toric and the Stryker I have here in my hands has that exact FOV. ILya
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    Mid range optic at a mid range price

    In the $600 to $1000 range, I think Steiner P4Xi from Cameraland is still the one to beat. If you are looking for more magnification, Meopta Optika6 5-30x56 is a good option. I am kinda partial to the MRAD reticle in that scope for some reason. If you want something a little smaller, Bushnell...
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    New Tract Toric 4.5-30x56

    Something was off. The 4-20x50 has narrow FOV, but no tunneling to speak of. ILya
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    New Meopta Scope - Optika6

    Until you mentioned Disneyland, I was going to ask where you are based... Either way, you are welcome. Light transmission number, if properly defined and understood, are useful metrics for engineers. Before we had commonly available high quality anti-reflection coatings, there were also...
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    New Meopta Scope - Optika6

    Virtually every light transmission number mentioned in marketing literature is absolute useless nonsense and I have not seen a single marketing employee in any of the scope companies I have talked to (well, maybe there is one), who understands what "light transmission" means and how it is...