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    Tikka T3X help

    If it's a squeak it could very well be the noise of the firing pin spring being compressed.
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    ARC Nucleus

    My experience with the Barloc was excellent, EXCEPT, I never checked the torque after I got it which was my mistake. I bought the barreled action with Barloc from Patriot Valley Arms ran it flawlessly in function and accuracy for over 3,000 rounds before retiring the barrel. PVA installed the...
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    ARC Nucleus

    I've got a Nucleus 1.0 in 6.5 CM from the SH Shot Show order and it has run flawlessly through over 3000 rounds both with the 16# spring and the 19# spring with a Huber trigger. I changed to the 19# spring just for a little more peace of mind. When I put my 2nd barrel on though, I pulled off the...
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    Since you are starting from scratch, why 308? Before the current ammo shortage, 6.5 Creedmoor ammo was just as available as 308 and was cheaper. The recoil of 6.5 CM is between a 223 and a 308 and the wind drift and drop is 30%-40% less than the 308. I shot a 308 in precision rifle for 15 years...
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    I'd have to agree with moosemeat, his questions are ones you should consider first, then I'd ask why the Sabatti? The stock looks like a cheap abomination of some idiots idea of what "snipery" looks like, and if something isn't right, hardly anyone in this country can support it, for that matter...
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    Reloading Equipment SOLD RCBS Chargemaster 1500 Combo $200 shipped

    I upgraded to the Autotrickler V3 so I'm selling my RCBS Chargemaster. This unit is well used being about 8 years old but functioned perfectly until I retired it in favor of the Autotrickler V3. It is well cared for and in excellent condition. It comes with the original manual and with...
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    So many Manners, which one?

    By precision rifle competitor standards, your rifle will be very light, so as much as I like the Manners TCS, it probably weighs more than what your looking for. I would also second that you should get a mini chassis and that it doesn't need bedding. I have a bedded Manners T3, and Manners T2A...
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    Too much shoulder bump...

    To illustrate how oversizing shortens case life, I had a batch of LC94Match cases shot in my bolt gun that normally goes more than 10 loadings before the cases start showing neck cracks or incipient head separations. I let my sizing die get out of adjustment and I was bumping the shoulders about...
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    Too much shoulder bump...

    You probably won't see any noticeable difference in velocity or accuracy, but you will probably see shortened case life. On future loadings, I'd check the inside of the cases forward of the case head with a bent paperclip for incipient head separations.
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    Barrel replacement ???

    :LOL: I think @swampbuck meant, Greg at Southern Precision Rifles. He might have a barrel you want in stock. Also try Northland Shooters Supply for Criterion prefit barrels, Altus Shooting Solutions, and Long Rifles Inc. LRI might be able to make you barrel quickly depending if they...
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    Question for the Auto Throw/Trickler Folks

    I think your out of luck in that Autotrickler doesn't make a Mac app, only iOs and probably Android (I only have iPhones in our family so don't know if they made an Android app)
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    Waaayyyy OT- RPG-7B optic eye cup

    Now that you've got the rubber eyecup, it's time to put the REST of the system together;)
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    SECNAV Remington Model 720

    I agree with Tim, beautiful rifle, one to pass on to your kids along with the story of how you won it.