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    Goodbye Republican Party

    If our election process doesnt get completely overhauled because of all the latest revelations then the Repubs might as well dissolve the party because its obvious they will never win another election. If the Supreme Court (I literally LOL when I...
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    Geissele you so crazy

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    ATF suspends the "Q" cease and desist order

    Getting interesting https://www.liveqordie.com/
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    Louisiana Priest has a 3-some with 2 Dominatrix in a church

    Sin in style! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8822031/Louisiana-priest-37-arrested-having-threesome-dominatrices-church-altar.html
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    Why arent we talking about the National Debt?!

    Seems this administration gets a pass on this? It only matters sometimes? What happens when https://www.usdebtclock.org/
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    Louisiana Mask Mandate

    Looks like our elected criminal has mandated masks. I have very mixed feelings about this. The vast majority of my way of thinking is (Fuck them) I will not comply. But my job will require me wear one while flying, and at company gatherings. Whats...
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    My first Coyote!

    Im in Louisiana and mostly pig/deer hunt. I rarely see coyotes but I spotted one on my property at 8am in the morning. Grabbed my (Go to rifle) in 308 and the 168SMK made short work of it! This is the first time I ever had to hurry and make a shot...
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    Is Trump being set up by the senate?

    I have a sneaking feeling that this upcoming trial wont go they way Trump is thinking. I was reading that the senate wants to use witness reciprocity. So the senate will give in to the house demands for more witnesses, in order for them to provide...
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    Google maps (Speed Trap Ahead) and other notifications

    So lately Ive been getting notifications of speed traps when using maps navigation app on my phone. It also asks me to confirm if the speed trap is still there. Ive also been notified that there are disabled vehicles on the shoulder. So this time...