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    Accuracy International Picture Thread

    Changed things up a bit with a QD suppressor (Ase Utra JET-Z BL) 900 yards, .1 low it would seem. Shooting 155grs SMK at 2600 fps.
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    Sauer 200STR Nomad edition.

    Where in Norway are you located 308Nomad? Im in the south (Kristiansand).
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    Stomped by wind

    Who better to write it than you?
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    Stomped by wind

    This is fantastic advice. Shy of coming to an actual class (travelling across the atlantic is a bit of a hassle..), are there any books etc you would recommend to be able to learn more about this? Thank you so, so much for the well thought out reply, I learned a lot from it, mostly that I need...
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    Stomped by wind

    The scope is a fixed parallax (300 yards) PMII and it showed me absolutely nothing. Im totally open to me just beeing retarded here.
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    Stomped by wind

    Hoping for the input of @Rudy Gonsior @JustSendit and other accomplished shooters and windreaders here: So two days ago I was out shooting my AI AW (7.62x51). I was firing from the top of a ridgeline down into marshlands at the bottom of the valley. Distance was 930 yards. At my firing point...
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    Accuracy International Picture Thread

    Nailing some steel today from improvised positions in the field at 575, 600, 650 and 730 meters. 1st round impact on all of them.
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    #1 Rifle: Remington CSR 308.

    Tikka Tac A1 AI AXMC You could also buy a Rem 700 5R or something like that and drop it in a Cadex chassis and end up with something quite similar.
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    Indoor Optical Training Aid and fixed parallax?

    So I'm considering an Indoor Optical Training Aid to be able to dryfire/train at home. However. My scope is a 3-12x50 PMII with a fixed parallax. The parallax is set to 300 yards. Does anyone know for a fact if the IOTA would still work? Or do you have to dial parallax down to a bare...
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    Holly Smokes!! That Really Worked!! Speed Drop.

    Not trying to be an old fart here, but how is this better than simply marking your turret with 2,3,4,5,6,7 etc above the mrad numbers?
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    So, I went to a PRS match instead of shooting.

    AAR with videos in bottom of post. A bit of a follow up to this thread: Spent friday and saturday shooting a 2 day PRS event (Cold Steel). I was an active competitor from 2012 to 2017 until I took a...
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    So, I went training instead of shooting.

    Oh, and of course: If any of you guys who know what you're doing (I don't) see something that you think I should work on, please point it out.
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    So, I went training instead of shooting.

    I usually go to the range and bellyflop down on the deck, get real comfy and then shoot 50-150 rounds. This despite being an active PRS / practical rifleman for the last 12 years. I haven't really trained that much/gone training that much, I usually focus on shooting, not training. A couple...
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    Advanced Marksmanship The "Lightbulb" Moment With Respect To Home Range Data

    Just had this lightbulb moment myself after shooting long range for 12 years..