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    Official (DTA) SRS, HTI, Covert, Hunter Thread

    I don’t have an a2 to look at but I bet the m2 hand guard would fit on one. It looks like the only hand guard difference is the machined in arcalock rail. The continuous top rail on the m2 is screwed to the receiver and looks like m-lock to the hand guard.
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    Dual helmet mount for PVS14 + FLIR Breach PTQ136

    The 4d pads for the team Wendy weren’t so simple in my case. I have a 2015ish carbon bump that came with more of a suspension system than pads. I had to remove the entire setup down to bare carbon. The 3/4” 4d pads ended up being way too loose. They’re a great company though and made me a set of...
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    Wide open Trigger

    If you’re not already in it what have you been doing with your life!
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    Hunting & Fishing 2021 hunting kill thread

    I’ve been slacking quite a bit over the last year but a freshly shredded pasture meant the coyotes should be out scavenging and I actually had time and energy. Popped this guy at a whopping 165yds. Caught him at the deer feeder.
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    Sell me on LMT

    We’re going on 2 years of demand greatly exceeding supply on lmt stuff. Good luck
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    Wide open Trigger

    You could make the argument that the wot and rare breed are safety enhancements. They’ll only drop the hammer if it’s completely in battery. I’m glad rare breed didn’t just roll over. Seems that way anyhow. I hope many more companies come out with these style triggers. Flood the market, make...
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    Sell me on LMT

    I’m gonna have to disagree. I’ve had a lot of issues with a 308 mws and 6.8 with a 762rc can. LMT’s are over gassed for suppressed use. It can be fixed though
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    Sell me on LMT

    The only proprietary parts are the mag and bolt catches and they’ come installed on stripped Mars lowers.
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    Sell me on LMT

    Are you sure about that? I thought the e bcg came about from a request to get more life out of the bolt on carbine gas 14.5” barrels. The e bolt is fine across applications but I’ve never seen the e carrier recommended or endorsed for anything but that application. We know it can work on other...
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    Official (DTA) SRS, HTI, Covert, Hunter Thread

    Is this with one mag or several? I start with taking the sharp edges off the feed lips where they contact the case. If that’s not enough I just open them a little. 308 has a little more taper so the bullet tips present a little higher.
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    LMT .308 MWS

    I just found one of Jo’s posts where he explained it. At the time of order LMT gives an estimate on when it will be filled. V1 says they pad the estimate by 30-90days+ at this point because Lmt has been so erratic.
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    Cherry Bomb w/ Trash Panda

    I want to say you’ll probably be alright
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    AR10: Occasional Jam

    What length barrel and gas system? I’ve had some troublesome large frame guns. Make sure the chamber is clean. I’d try an extractor and/or spring/o-ring. Possibly a slash xh buffer to help slow the bcg down more and delay unlocking a little.
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    Firearms Gen 2 DT SRS covert 16” 308 and extras, Spuhr 4808

    Srs gen 2 covert chassis, blk/fde, monopod, 16” 1/8 308 barrel. This barrel has probably 1500rds through it, probably 2500-3k total for the chassis. This barrel has shot most everything 168-178gr well and the trigger is nicer than the newer models. Has a spot of finish wear on buttplate and a...
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    308 Winchester AR Only

    Don’t take advice from whatever/whoever that source was.