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    What tube would you want in your clip on?

    @Surgeon_Shooter any interest in doing a swap like this in the future on my pvs27?
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    Kestrel Sportsman Ballistics Weather Meter reduced to only $249.99, reduced from $569.99

    If you get more in, give me a call at 603-219-5317. BTW - Love the Athlon Chronus UHD Tactical 7-42 spotting scope you sold me. Looks great under NV.
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    PVS-14 22UM L3 Filmless

    Jay makes good stuff and is a solid guy. Bump for a fellow nv fanatic.
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    What tube would you want in your clip on?

    I want to know how you did the install haha. My PVS27 has pretty good performance. This is it through an Athlon Cronus UHD Tactical spotting scope at 7x and 20x at 100 yards.
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    What tube would you want in your clip on?

    You doing the install?? haha
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    Recommendations for clip on NVG for .308

    Here are two pictures of a bird feeder at 100 yards with limited ambient light through an Athlon Cronus UHD Tactical 7-42 spotting scope. First pic is on 7x zoom and second pic is on 20x zoom. Photos through an old Galaxy 6. @WillHugh
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    Looking for another PVS14 Green

    Looking for another quality MX-10160 (no manual gain) green PVS14. Would prefer auto gated but can live without that for the right price. Green tubes only. L3 or ITT tubes, gen3 OMNI V to OMNI VII. I have some cash or trades or both. Tube needs these specs to match my other tube so I can...
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    What tube would you want in your clip on?

    So I picked up a brand new pvs27 and immediately started seeing if this was possible to do. I spoke to several people at FLIR and basically they might be willing to swap a tube, but only at the request of a .gov agency. So if you know someone who does this work, let me know! Regardless, I'm...
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    Recommendations for clip on NVG for .308

    @WillHugh threw up the pics already and did a great job capturing the difference. The one thing that made me lean towards the pvs27 or pvs30 was the ability to handle recoil. If you ever want to put the clip on on a 300WM or similar, the CNVD is out of the picture. Also, I had ZERO point of...
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    Triggertech Sale

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    Bushnell Spacemaster 15-45

    The scope is honestly pretty good for the money. I have been using it behind a pvs 27. The night vision pic below is at 903 yards with a Perst 3 illuminator on illuminating the party boat. Scope does have the rubber cover on it. Comes with a small tripod good for resting on a bench. No problem...