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    Firearms 🛑 WTS Tikka Tac A1 6.5CM w/ Custom Deployment Kit - 1/4 MOA rifle-OC-Added Custom Ammo🛑

    I love my tikka tac also, they shoot awesome. I would like to see some of you test targets. Would you be willing to share load data?
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    Rifle Scopes Leupold mark 5 HD or Vortex Razor HD for PRS?

    I have both,I have shot the mk5 for two year about 2500 rounds on it. I have had no issues l like them both. I think the mk 5 is brighter. If I had to pick one it would be the mk5. I like the zero stop better on the mk5. But the tube size is different so the mount/rings only work with it.
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    Bog pod mods

    Looks good. Gotta love the Bravo
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    Bog pod mods

    I mounted a small Rail pice on my clamp so if I want to use the clamp I just lock it back on the ball head.
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    Bog pod mods

    It’s no problem, glad I could help
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    Bog pod mods

    I took all the internals out. Found a washer that was the OD of the bearings in the top and bottom, found a bushings/spacer that had an OD that was the ID of the part that the legs attach to,that it all slides in. so I could tighten the bolt up and not smash the washers. The bolt is the size...
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    Bog pod mods

    It’s just one for a camera
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    Bog pod mods

    I have put a ball head on mine, it takes a little crafting. The clamp has four screws on the underside of the clamp
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    Optics WTB H59 high end glass

    Toygunner had one for sale NF H59
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    Hello from southern Illinois.

    Welcome to the most addicting hobby,
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    Accessories Mcmillan A-5 adj- Remove Please!

    Good guy and a nice stock
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    Advanced Marksmanship Anyone else good at positional but bomb prone stages?

    I have over thought prone stages a lot, and on positional I put the cross hairs on target and shoot.
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    Best Factory 223 for a New Shooter

    Sorry T3 varmint
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    Best Factory 223 for a New Shooter

    I have a Tikka T3 in a bravo and love it, The 1:8 twist shoots Berger 77gr OTM to 500 with no problem.