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    cr123 batteries?

    So locally they sell (CVS) @ around 4 bucks apiece. I went on to amazon and can get them for 1.70 but they are a sure firebrand. There is a big difference in the price for those and the energizer. Are the sure-fire just a knock off.
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    Need help with bullet resistant backpack

    My wife is a teacher and I am looking for a bulletproof backpack. A couple of things, I want it to stop up to .223 so I will be putting level 3 plates in it. I have to way, weight vs stopping power. If someone comes in with a 308 a backpack...
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    Fed Ex lost their damn minds

    Just so that you know implemented in the last week, there is a huge surcharge on shipping items with the dimension of a long gun box. I ship long guns in a box that are made for lights so I use the same box each time. At the beginning of...
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    My thick thick deer.

    Here is a couple of pics of the deer that I shot on the extended gun week in Ohio. He did not have many points (7) some say 9. He is all mass. He will score around 160-170
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    Recommend books

    I like reading Forstcher, A.American, Janet Evonovich ( don’t judge) Lawrence sanders, Jeffery Deaver, Jeffery beaver. Have you read any authors and no of other similar authors to recommend