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    Before you build a trendy Dasher, 6BRA, 6.5 PRC.... the PRS finale was just won with a 6 creedmoor

    Yep Phillip Velayo just won the PRS finale with a 6 creedmoor and 115 dtacs.... no need for fancy smancy calibers.
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    Quick Tangent Theta turret comparison vs. nightforce atacr ... and a quick review

    @Covertnoob5 did a great write up on the TT525p http://www.snipershide.com/shooting/threads/tangent-theta-vs-minox-zp5-5-25-review.6529754/ I'll give my impressions and a quick comparison video. hkdave also did a great...
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    Why 223 and 308 are not dead .....yet

    While not the sexiest of cartridges, regular 223 and 308 can still place well in tactical competitions. Just ask Tim Milkovich who used a REGULAR 223 using 1x fired lake city brass and Nosler 85 rdf bullets going 2925 fps at the bushnell brawl (he did...