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    First time headspacing Rem 700 - .260 build in progress - Pic Heavy

    Just like the title says, this is my first attempt at properly headspacing a Rem700 action for a home build I'm doing. However, this isn't a typical pre-threaded, short chambered barrel. I'm using an AAC .260rem barrel that I got for a steal instead. They were selling around the $400 mark...
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    Rem 700 receiver specs? My experience

    So I often hear how Remington 700 receivers often have loose tolerances and aren't very square, hence needing to be trued. I'm still new to the game here as far as what makes a receiver/barrel combo accurate and how to achieve that, but I thought I'd share my experience so far with my new...
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    Suppressors selling a suppressor?

    Re: selling a suppressor? <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: jonaddis84</div><div class="ubbcode-body">If you decide to go the smart route and transfer it to him in the normal way. He will need to fill out a form 4 where you are basically the dealer...
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    Maggie’s Vodka, best bang for your buck?

    Re: Vodka, best bang for your buck? Gotta say Istanblue I spent 6 weeks in Turkey doing geologic field work and this was our go to. Tasted like kerosene, but in a country where alcohol is hard to come by already, we made due. Besides, without this stuff, we couldn't have made our...
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    Maggie’s Test Your Reaction Times

    Re: Test Your Reaction Times .229, granted I'm on scotch glass number 2. This could turn into quite the drinking game actually.
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    New scotch recommendations?

    Just finished off a bottle of Laphroaig 18 and I'm looking for something new with my price limit being about $150ish. Any recommendations? I've had Macallan 15/18, Oban 14 and a few other nice single malts, so something not on that list. As always, cheers!
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    Photos Penny shot

    Re: Penny shot Solid shot man. 1 cent penny + 22 cent bullet = 23 cent piece of awesomeness. Winning!
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    Photos Scouting Future Hunting Zones

    Re: Scouting Future Hunting Zones Man, I just finished beating call of duty black ops II, but I don't remember the deer stalker mission...
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    Photos The End of the World

    Re: The End of the World he's obviously telling us that at 11 o'clock he pops his pmags. Just like stoners toke up at 4:20, he starting his own ritual. As for the knife, cut up some sausage maybe? You know, poppin pmags gives me the munchies.
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    Rifle Scopes Nightforce NXS

    Re: Nightforce NXS I used the bikini cover on mine with no issues. Is there any grease or residue on the inside of the caps? Also, invest in a lenspen. They're just a few bucks, but they work great and if used right, won't scratch your lenses like some cloths will (Lenspens have a brush to...
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    Hunting & Fishing need opinions

    Re: need opinions Really hard to go wrong with either, they're thoroughbreds. Have you considered anything from the Weatherby lineup? I'm a big fan of the Mark V if it's in your budget, but otherwise the vanguard series are nice too.
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    Advanced Marksmanship Density Altitude calculation......

    Re: Density Altitude calculation...... <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Killer Spade 13</div><div class="ubbcode-body">7. Get a Kestrel . . . </div></div> There's that...
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    Advanced Marksmanship Density Altitude calculation......

    Re: Density Altitude calculation...... <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Lowlight</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Rather than use Math, most use something like this
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    Maggie’s Ridiculous harbor freight review.

    Re: Ridiculous harbor freight review. Picture of setup...
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    Member Link Up Meet up in west Michigan

    Anybody here in the Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo area interested in a get together at a 500 yd range (Dorr, MI) for some bolt gun work?