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    M16A4 Can someone 'splainame what the issue really is?

    So, I'm on my phone and every day I get new news briefs. https://www.wearethemighty.com/military-culture/marines-complaints-m16a4 Of the five complaints, I can see one as valid. They are too long to get in and out of vehicles all the...
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    Parker Hale M82/84/85/87 and C3/C3A1

    On the Scout site, we had a Parker Hale thread and it had a lot of good info...even if I did steal some shit from other hiders:eek::rolleyes::cool:. Anyhow, it was lost to time with ten pages because I didn't go back and "just keep it alive" I love...
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    You hear that?

    Jimmy, I hear it. You hear it yet? The roads are full of squirrels who couldn't make a decision? ??