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    Black Friday Sales 2021
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    WTB WTB Atlas bipod w RRS mount

    I do! Sending PM.
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    Weight kit for MPA ba chassis

    I went to Nedved Precision Shooting and had him set up my Vudoo in the MPA. It is the set up that works for him so I trust that he would get mine set up right. I only shoot a few matches a year and place in the top 5 at local matches and top 15 at 22x matches. I like to say its the rifle no me...
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    ISO: Caldwell Shootin Gallery Mover

    Does anyone know about one of these laying around that I could get? At a small store collecting dust or in someone's shed that they forgot about. Or does anyone know of someone making something like it other then the $1800 DM mover?
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    NRL22 vs. PRS Rimfire vs ???

    How about the drama? It seems that every month some one has some issue with NRL22 COF. When it is up to the MD, and its not one club vs the other who cares how a club shot the stage vs another. Standing / Squatting Target shape Target size "because its windy" Reverse roof top using big bags...
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    PRS Rimfire/ NRL22 training regiment.

    I have two of them and use it all the time.
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    PRS Rimfire/ NRL22 training regiment.

    If I have time, I set up the Monthly COF and will Dry fire each stage twice and live fire for the third run. Then I will set up the next stage and do it again.
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    Looking for 22 LR steel targets for long range match
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    I seen these for sale at the local shop I go to, Nedved Precision Shooting. He showed me a video shooting a spinner. I now understand the timing of the spinner a little more and why the other shooters always say measure the spinner. This triggercam it looks like it would be great for training...
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    SOLD Tikka CTR stock, bottom metal, and mag

    I have for sale a Tikka T3X CTR stock with bottom metal, a mag, and the area 419 arca rail on the front. Have not used it, just got it ready for NRL Hunter but could not get enough ammo together to go. Looking to sell for $150 shipped.
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    Shooting your own match?

    I host a fun .22LR match at my place once a month that is not associated with the NRL22 or PRS22. It's purely for practice, fun, and designed to be a stepping stone between NRL22 COFs and NRL22x COFs. I pay out the Top 3 places. The topic of MDs shooting their own matches has come up and I'm...
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    Accessories WTB: MDT 6 BR / Dasher Magazine

    I have more then I need if you are still looking.
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    WTB Iso tikka stock or chassis

    I have an MPA or a MDT both for a Tikka. I have the MPA milled so it can fit the Tikka and the Tikka T1X.
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    Accessories MPA Matrix Chassis Like New

    I will take this if available.