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    Gunsmithing Turn around time for pin/weld

    I sent my son's M4 upper to John Thomas at Retro Arms Works. I had already shimmed and timed a spacer and A2 compensator. It was in his shop two hours before I had a return tracking number -- and the only reason it took longer was the wait for the afternoon pick-up.
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    Army M24 Build Thread

    ... another perspective.
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    Rebarrel Rem 700 .243 to .308 WIN-Worth it?

    You could have a 700 in 308 as well. You've had it 25 years and haven't shot it. If it was a 308, would you? :) Kinda late to start hand loading. Don't know if you'll find the 243 loads you want, or that will do the rifle justice.
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    Rebarrel Rem 700 .243 to .308 WIN-Worth it?

    I would, too. A good gunsmith won't cost quite what the OP thinks -- I'd think for $600-800 you could get a fair barrel and action truing done as well. Maybe bedding, depending on how busy he is as hunting season's coming up.
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    Re-Zero With 20 MOA Base

    How much elevation will you need to go from your zero to 1450 yards? Ideally you want your crosshairs in the middle of the tube for the majority of your shooting (for optical clarity and left-right windage if you're clicking). Near Manufacturing makes 25, 45, and 75 MOA Tikka 3X rails.
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    U.S. Army/Navy/USMC M14-based sniper and DMR/SDM rifles circa late-1960s to late 201Xs

    An infantry marksman provides security, Spin Boldak district, Afghanistan, 30 July 2012:
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    XM25 replica M14 sniper rifle (circa 1990ish, as made at Ft Devens/10th SFG)

    Nice steel farm in that video. :D Much of the reason for drama and Special Forces' frustration in keeping their M21s and upgrading to an M25 (type) was fundamentally very simple: Big Army adopted M24 in 1984 and obsoleted M21. Big Army was also killing all its command, theater, numbered-Army...
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    .338 Lapua or stick with my .300 win mag? Long range shooting.

    The 300 Win Mag is great for 1,000 yard shooting. If you hand load, you can extend that range to 1500 yards, comfortably, given readily available bullets. If 1,000 yards is your maximum there are a number of 6.5mm and 7mm cartridges that do even better in the wind with less recoil. If you...
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    New toy.........Armalite AR10 National Match

    Creedmoor Sports carries the Turner, Ron Brown, and other Service Rifle slings. They also carry civilian match and international rifle slings. I'm never selling my AR-10s. When I die they go to my son. If I was to change anything on the Armalite National Match AR-10 it would be to take out...
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    California effectively bans all minors from shooting ranges/sports

    That would effectively kill junior highpower rifle shooting in California. When the Grizzlies return from Camp Perry, that's it until this goes to trial.
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    Custom Remington 541S ?

    For 400 dollars I'd shoot out that barrel, have it re-barreled again, and shoot it 'til i die and my executors pass it to my son. Nothing wrong with that rifle -- nothing great. It is a solid, performing rifle. Like any other rifle, you're gonna need to find the right ammo to optimize what...
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    Reloading for 223/556 Service Rifle Competition (NRA/CMP bullseye)

    I used 24 grains of Varget in Lake City brass for 200/300 pushing 77s, 75s, 69s, and 73s, depending on bullet availability on Commercial Row. Hornady 75s were inconsistent. I still prefer Varget, but if I had a steady supply of 8208 I'd probably use that. I size on a single-stage Forster...
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    185 Juggernaut in 20" .308 AR

    I got my Palma pin shooting an M14. It wasn't easy. I bought a Paramount bolt rifle and was overwhelmed by the adjustability from stock to iron sights. Came to the realization it was too much like work and sold it with lots of accessories and Lapua brass.