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    Tikka T3 Thread

    The stock is probably playing into that some since the GRS positions your hand rather uniquely. I've never noticed my sterk handle get in my way.
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    280 ai

    I'm also pretty curious. That being said if you say "RL26" I swear I'm going to SCREAM like a 13 year old girl.
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    Caliber change options for Tikka T3x Long Actions

    The RedSnake Tactical bottom metal will allow you to use a longer AI .300wm (or the MDT/Accurate .30-06) mag and fits the factory inlet. I have one on the way atm, but a buddy has one as is running full-length .280ai loads no prob.
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    The AR15 Picture Thread

    Nothing old about that reticle. EBR-2c is one of the best reticles ever designed imo.
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    Accessories WTB Badger COM 170-300

    Like everyone else, I would like to find a 1.70 30mm COM. Either color; don't care. Who's selling?
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    Accuracy expectations from chrome lined barrel

    Yeah get the adjustable gas block. Seekins makes a great one. If you’re going to suppress the rifle maybe spend the extra coin on the superlative. Allows the rifle to run cooler/cleaner/more reliably, and most quality ones are really easy to tune.
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    Brass Catcher

    Been using a tacstar to hog hunt for a couple of years now. It has been surprisingly great.
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    PSA 3rd gen PA10 buffer question.

    Just looked at the pics of the Gen 3s and it looks like the receivers are now DPMS pattern, so it may just drop right in. Easy way to tell is to measure your current buffer. If it’s 3.5” you’ll need a different tube or a spacer.
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    PSA 3rd gen PA10 buffer question.

    PAs are “armalite pattern” which uses a standard carbine buffer (length not weight) and a longer buffer tube on their collapsible models. You’ll either need a spacer for the SCS or a standard carbine tube. Either way should run like a champ. *caveat* I don’t have one, but a buddy has a...Gen 2...
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    How critical is the Upper receiver brand on accuracy for a DPMS pattern AR-10?

    Upper trueness/barrel extension fit is more important by a long shot than upper/lower fit, but upper/lower fit does help. I've had cheap guns where there was enough slop between the receivers that the upper could wiggle independently of the lower, which obviously isn't great for shot-to-shot...
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    Purpose of Round Tube Handguard on AR-type Guns?

    How long ago? MLOK/Keymod are both still relatively new. And there wasn't really much like them other than drop-in pic rails. The DPMS free float tubes were really just meant to be that: a lightweight handguard that free floated the barrel in a time when most rifles still had front sight posts...
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    Cleaner Running Suppressor Options for Semi-Autos

    I'd swap the Kyntec back in and get a different spring. For reference, In my Grendel I've got an H3 (5.x oz) and a Tubb Carbine spring. I really can't recommend the Tubb springs highly enough. With something higher octane like Grendel/6.8/ARC you're definitely going to want adjustable gas, heavy...
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    Adjustable BCG vs Adjustable Gas Block

    I have two different guns set up with Bootleg carriers and Superlative gas blocks. Makes for a great system. Tune the block so that it cycles with the can off when the bcg is in "unsuppressed" mode, then switch it to "suppressed" when you put your can on. A gas-limiting charging handle will be...
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    Cleaner Running Suppressor Options for Semi-Autos

    What's your buffer/spring setup?