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    Optics WTS:Arken SH4 6-24 G2

    Still have the Arken for sale?
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    Accessories Sold

    So the stock is sold?
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    Optics SWFA 5x20 HD w/Warne QD rings SOLD

    Like the title says, SWFA 5x20 HD scope with Warne QD rings. Glass is spotless. A few light scuffs, hardly noticeable. Looking for $925 shipped.
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    2x-200 Round Case Federal Premium LE Tactical Bonded Ballistic Tip LE308TT2 308 Winchester 168's

    I have two 200 round unopened cases of this ammo. I get consistent 1/2 groups out of a pencil barrel custom 308. Very accurate ammo. It's been used on several elk and has dropped them where they stood. Looking for $250 per case or trade both for a Rem 700 in 7mm08 or one with the same size bolt...
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    Hunting & Fishing .243 ammo for deer?

    Re: .243 ammo for deer? My son and nephew used a 243 last year on two mule deer. One used 95grn HSM rounds loaded with Bergers and the other one used 100grn coreloks. The berger dropped the buck at 325yds with a spine shot. They were both proned out with rear bags and shot when the bucks...
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    Rifle Scopes Base/Ring combo and Height recommendation

    I have decided that I'm going with Seeking products for my 300WM build. I need help on selecting rings and a base for its' intended purpose. I will have a #7 barrel on my stick and I will be using a Nightforce 3.5x15x50. My intent is to shoot steel out to 1500yds. Do you guys think I need a...
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    Advice on barrel contour for 300WM Build

    I need some help on a 300wm build and would like to get some input on what barrel contour and length. I'm going to use it for hunting and shooting steel at 1k. I'm guessing a sendero contour with 27 1/2" barrel would work. I also thought about a palma contour. A 6lb barrel with flutes would be...
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    Gunsmithing AICS action screw washers

    Re: AICS action screw washers Thank you. That's what I needed. Appreciate the help.
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    Gunsmithing AICS action screw washers

    Anyone know where I can get some washers for the action screws? Is it possible to go to the hardware store and get them? Any help is appreciated.