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    Hornady 147 GR ELDM QUESTION

    Weve helped him, it was all in the second post. What he is describing makes no difference for the best, a new reloader is sure as hell not going to be able to discern the difference. Especially not with a $15 scale.
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    krg X-ray vs Bravo

    Bravo sucks to me, I sold my xray to get one and that was a mistake. The bravo grip is super fat. Cant get my wrist wrapped around it for a straight trigger pull. The xray lets you swap a fat grip in if you want it... but doesnt force you to.
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    Hornady 147 GR ELDM QUESTION

    Because its cheap and suckers like you buy it? The little changes in weight will make zero difference.
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    Why so many razors for sale?

    I agree. I don’t like it at all. It’s not that there are too many marks, it’s just that the dashes are so tall! Everyone dials the elevation so we know that’s spot on... which leaves the wind and spotting where you’re off to the left and right of target is like looking through a picket fence.
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    Whos reloading data to use?

    Worth the 30 bucks
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    Barrel Break-In Help

    :oops::eek: You mean again?
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    Load development - suppressed or not?

    Mine doesn’t shoot the same with the can as without.
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    Freebore Pros/Cons

    No. It’ll erode at the same rate. But starting that much further out. If it’s too long for your chosen bullet the above mentioned things could happen
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    Freebore Pros/Cons

    The freebore is the area right in front of where the case neck ends but before the rifling begins to ramp up. PTG and others label their stuff backwards though so thats why its important that you know what it actually is that you are describing. This is how most people describe it SO on...
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    6bra or 6 dasher

    Looks pretty damn close to a BRA Accurate Shooter Link And Another "The 6BR-DX–Specs and Load Development The 6BR-DX is an improved version of the 6mm BR Norma cartridge, with a 40° shoulder. The shoulder is .462″ (just a couple thousandths bigger than a standard case) and the diameter at the...
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    Hoplite Arms

    Bullshit, they had it in the documentaries from the 60s
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    New mini reloading bench

    You could even put a trashcan under it...