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    50 Bmg Blow up....

    Everyone knows that had they used “military grade” materials in the gun just like Ford does in the F150, this accident wouldn’t have happened.
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    Accessories KRG BRAVO

    What a deal. no wonder it went so fast.
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    Bergara B-14R Range Report and Assessment

    This was shot from my steel barrel B14 in a bravo chassis using sk long range match ammo. This is the best score I’ve ever shot on this target using any gun or ammo. The best I shot previous to my B14 was my savage BTVS and was a 243. I know the btvs isn’t a bench rest level gun but the Bergara...
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    8.6 BLK, The Caliber For Advanced Years.

    Not only that, after looking at how expensive just the bullets are, even reloading this round is silly. I’m not even a little interested in paying the price of admission. While I don’t do it personally, I understand paying the 338 price tag for the extreme long range stuff. But taking those...
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    KRG Bravo Chassis

    There I fixed it for you.
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    8.6 BLK, The Caliber For Advanced Years.

    Do you mean things like drastically overstating the effects of the rotational energy of bullets?
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    Bergara b14r 22lr carbon vs steel barrel?

    I picked up a steel version for the weight, @lennyo3034 has one in carbon. I’ve shot next to his rifle plenty of times and it depends on the day with regard to which one shoots better. I don’t think you can go wrong with either.
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    Where to get ammo now post

    At this price point, kind of seems too good to be true.
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    Reloading Equipment SPF

    If you have any interest is selling the case feeder alone, I may be interested.
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    Suppressor affecting point of impact by a lot

    Does your checkmate make your 15-22 get dirty as hell after a box or 2 of ammo? My spectre ii makes my ar-22 start to malfunction after a hundred rounds or so.
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    Sk 22lr spec

    I’ve gotten great results over 2 different lots as well as different boxes for the sk lr match. I have seen what you‘re talking about with gecco ammo though. Amazing results with 1 box, next box not so much.
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    Sk 22lr spec

    Agreed, for me accuracy in my rimfire rifles are gauged based on IBS 50yd rimfire targets. I’ve shot my best score in my B14r with sk LR match ammo. I got a 244-3x. The best I could do with tenex or Midas + was a 242.
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    Sk 22lr spec

    I’ve heard this before and frankly it’s a little silly in my experience. So far the best groups I’ve gotten from my Savage BTVS and Bergara B-14 came from ammo with ”match” on the box. Sk Long Range Match has given me better SDs and groups when compared to eley target, tenex, or Midas +. Wolf...
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    New 6mm Advanced Rifle Cartridge

    I back ordered 250 pieces direct from starling and it shipped 4 days after my order.