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    Mag Holder for Tikka T1x

    We make a 22LR magazine carrier that fits on the Velcro strips on either size option of our Modular Stock Packs. You can...
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    Mountain shooter sling replacement

    Sorry, I just saw this post. Yes, Triad is still stocking the MS Slings. We will have them in OD, Coyote, Black and have added Multicam and Highlander as well. We are trying to catch up on inventory in all colors at this point.
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    Triad Rifle Case vs Armegedon Gear Precision Rifle Case

    I just ran across your post. I could not asked for a better 4 way bag comparison. Size, weight, "excess" features were exactly the things we took into consideration when working on this project!
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    Spotters Need a cover for Bushnell Legend T-Series spotter

    Half of being an Operator, is knowing that you are......
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    Spotters Need a cover for Bushnell Legend T-Series spotter

    OH, ya. The Ranger Green covers popped up as finished about five minutes after my previous post, so 25 of them are available right now.
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    Spotters Need a cover for Bushnell Legend T-Series spotter

    Current schedule had 137 line items due to be done in the next four months. The Bushy cover are line 34, 35, 36 and 113. Im trying to get the covers moved up, but almost everything in front of them are needed also :( Doing the best we can.
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    MSA Sordins best vendor?

    You ordered MSA, but got Sordin? I guess it doesn't matter if SRS going to warranty either/both. Interesting to see MSA brand on their site, I still dont see them on the MSA dealer listings. Anyway, Hairball, I hope your muffs have a long and use-full life.
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    MSA Sordins best vendor?

    Here is some history and things as explained to me by MSA brand managers for North America over the years: SORDIN was purchased by MSA, MSA started distributing SORDIN muffs, branded MSA in the USA though the MSA Authorized dealer network. SRS Tactical was not a MSA dealer, but they were...
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    MSA Sordins best vendor?

    Thanks for thinking of Triad, but we are no longer MSA dealers. MSA gave Amazon a smoking price that drove us out of the market. As always with the Sordin/MSA muffs, be sure that you are getting muffs imported by MSA(they should say MSA on the ear cups, NOT Sordin). MSA will not...
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    Optics Premier 3.5x15, Gen 2 Mildot, 22 Mil single turn**SPF**

    Anybody have a backblade they dont need? :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: