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    Retirement looms on the near horizon.......

    As I read your post, I culled it down to three questions, which I left as "quoted" above. The answer seems plainly obvious-- You say you can sock away another $500,000 if you stayed another 6 years. BUT, you claim that as it stands now, if the market dropped 20%, you could weather it just fine...
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    Gun Broker Sale

    Call in the morning and ask the station manager to withhold enough cash from the daily deposit so's you can cash your MO. Most will comply; in any case, if it's a large amount, go to the PO at the end of the day after they've had plenty of time to conduct business at the windows.
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    Gun Broker Sale

    Absofuckinglutely. I worked as a window clerk at the post office for 2 miserable fn years decades ago. USPS Money Orders have absolutely NO security. If they're lost, the purchaser must wait 30(?) days before filing an application to trace it, and there's a fee. I don't remember if it's 30 days...
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    cataract surgery vs. iron sights PART 2

    This is gonna be a long post because I'm too excited to shut up. First, I wanna thank all the guys for responding to my previous posted question-- Cowpokey BytorJr Mtrmn Maggot Sirhr Maxwell TexPatriot UKDSlayer Texasmotor Greg Baron23 BullGear Eastexsteve BAMAboy18 308pirate I musta read the...
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    Concerned about my exposure to fiberglass.

    "Is it serious?" My first reaction is, "Jesus H Christ. You're Goddamn right it is", but I don't know your work environment, etc.--did you even wear a Covid-type mask, or a neckerchief, were you cutting/handling fiberglass constantly for 40hr/2.5/"4" years, were there fans blowing ('glass) at...
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    Concerned about my exposure to fiberglass.

    If you ever plan to get life insurance, do it first before meeting any pulmonary doctors/facilities. Testing isn't a time "critical" requirement. Whatever damage you've suffered is done. It'll show up a year from now just the same. Don't panic; think this through. Plan ahead for your long-term...
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    Concerned about my exposure to fiberglass.

    I guess this topic- the self-inflicted dismissal for concern of one's health, enrages me, because either while sleeping or immediately upon waking, I had another couple thoughts... Nepa1990, you make a "distinction" that you've been with the company for 4 years, but working specifically with...
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    Concerned about my exposure to fiberglass.

    I can't believe the SHIT I'm reading here... Pardon me if I don't mince words and sugar-coat my observations. Nepa1990, HOW THE FUCK can you be so stupid in today's (industrial) work environment?? No offense, but what I'm reading here is the typical "AVERAGE-intelligence-quotient" American...
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    Advice please: Cataract surgery vs iron sights

    Thanks again, Gents!
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    Advice please: Cataract surgery vs iron sights

    Thanks very much for all your responses, Gents! I'll report when the second patch is removed (sometime after Xmas). Two LR lenses it is!
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    Advice please: Cataract surgery vs iron sights

    Hey Guys, In a couple weeks I'm gonna have surgery on both eyes (two weeks apart one eye each visit). I've been told that they're gonna insert a lens in each eye, and that I have a choice of whether I want near-sighted or far-sighted lenses installed. My eyes are bad enough now that I can't...
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    Trade Colt Commander for Vickers Master Class?

    I'm a BIG 1911 fan. I've gone through my share, from a WWII Remington (that I sometimes wished I'd kept, but it wasn't an heirloom and had no sentimental value) to OEM Colts (including a nickeled 70s Commander) to SA, Kimbers, Baers, Browns, a multitude of Wilson Combats to Ted Yosts, Heirloom...
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    The "We All Started Somewhere" thread...

    Daayuumm.... old memories. I paid 'way more than I should have for a Ruger No.1 in .308. Mounted a used Weaver 3x-10x on it with Banner(?) rings it came with and had the requisite Harris bipod. Why Ruger No 1? Because as you said, there was no internet around yet, and I wanted to see if I really...
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    Movie Theater Don't watch movies thread

    Zardoz. Cain't bleeve this ain't the first mentioned. And I hate to admit I fall in with Maser. Shit. But I was never a fan of John Twang... a box office draw and well-known movie star since what, 1935, but avoided service with a hardship deferment? "Sands of Iwo Jima", "Flying Tigers", and...
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    Maggie’s Socially UNacceptable Humor

    Wrong. "nigglet": Me and 28 other nigglets