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    Build Suggestions

    Do yourself a favor and shoot it before you do anything to it, it may have some nicks and scratches on the outside but may shoot well enough for your applications. The 270 Win may not be the most popular flavor of the day but it no slouch when it comes to a hunting round. I have an arsenal to...
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    Non magnetic tripod systems

    You can also use 300-series stainless steel when non-magnetic materials are required.
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    Imperial Sizing Die Wax

    I used to use the liquid lanolin alcohol recipe that is everywhere on the 'net but have switched to just using liquid lanolin. I put a few drops on my palms and roll 4-5 pieces of brass between my palms, I add a few more drops about every third set of brass. The reason why I use this method is...
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    FRF2 Sniper Rifles for sale

    They have to given how many times they get dropped, you don't the weapon to be inoperable after being dropped and picked up by your foes that just would not be the French way. Maybe I should re evaluate my statement about ugly, maybe French guns look good when fondled by a metrosexual wearing a...
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    FRF2 Sniper Rifles for sale

    The french have truly perfected the art of building the ugliest rifles in the world, I say even though I own one the MAS 36
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    Double barrel shotgun brands - your recommendations or warnings...

    My experience has been quite different.
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    Boyd's stocks

    Boyds offers a lot of bang for the buck, some are a little fat but they can be put on a diet with a belt sander or rasp elbow grease. If you like the kids erg go ahead and re stock it who cares it is your gun, time, and money.
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    Double barrel shotgun brands - your recommendations or warnings...

    I would look on the used racks for a Ruger Red Label or two, that might fill your need for over and unders.
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    Dialing in a M70 - what does it take?

    I believe they retain most of their mass, although I have not recovered a hammer bullet after shooting an animal the last bear I took I hit quartering towards me and the exit was just beyond the rib cage. The exit was about 2 inches in diameter. It was not a big bear but the gun was sizeable a...
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    Dialing in a M70 - what does it take?

    I would recommend trying Hammer bullets as they seem to be very insensitive to jump and I and others find they are very effective on the animals that get hot with them. Most people find it very easy to find accurate loads, I have used them in my 375 Ruger and a couple of 30-06 and I found loads...
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    Are Mechanical powder measures fading in popularity?

    I don't have nearly enough fingers for that method, and having the open flame around powder might cause me to lose a couple.
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    .280 AI powder choice H4350,4831SC, H1000, Supeformance

    I used H4831SC to great effect with 180 grain bullets, might want to start there and if that does not work go to H4350
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    Over 100 PROOF Barrels in Stock

    It would make life a little easier for your customers and potential customers if you could post a link to your website, yes I can google you to find out what your website is but I should not have to in 2021. Thanks!
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    Pre '64 receiver for custom build?

    Nice find and work after the find.
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    Pre '64 receiver for custom build?

    I have bought pre-64's recently for about $700 in good condition. I did not know three-position safeties were available. I did not say anything disparaging about Defiance actions in fact I bought a few of them early and I really like them on my comp guns. It is easy to say anything other than...