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    Kayaking to destination

    Was thinking of things smaller than deer. The kayak I have now has a 350lb weight limit. My buddies has a 450 limit. Was looking at a few floating tow behind units as well if we were to go deer hunting. Even then ground hunting with a bow for deer wouldn't max out our boats, talking after...
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    RBG IS DEAD !!

    Wonder if the old cunt tripped on the constitution as she was trampling all over it. Good riddance to bad rubbish
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    6.5CM 18"Barrel load

    Have a 117"on my creed and am shooting hornady 130 grain over H4350 load. Not at home at the moment, but the load is somewhere around 41 grains or so.....will confirm once I get home. Able to get nice one hole groups at 100 yards, and solid hits at 500 yards. Havent had time to go out further...
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    Quiz on Viet Nam

    22 out of 30 , being as I wasn't alive then I didn't know some of the names of thr individuals. Not bad for a public education
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    Pure Genius

    Hows it shoot? Lol Between this or a high point...which is better
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    Bowhunters Thead

    If i were to get either one they would be mounted and on my wall. The one Timberwolf is black as night. Really cool looking. Will see if i can't get some trail cam pictures of them again. Will set up a camera on the gut pile
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    Bowhunters Thead

    Deer season opens here in MN this Saturday! Will be out with the boy to try and atleast see some deer. Up where I hunt we have multiple cougars, timber wolves, and large deer. Would love to stick either of the cougar or the wolves, but Mn law won't allow it. Have been shooting a Bear...
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    Kayaking to destination

    Is there anyone here that goes this way for fishing or hunting? Getting things figured out now for the basic camping side, and starting to look at the hunting side of things. Have a Dagger Axis 12 kayak, so that is the weight limit I have to stay within. Looking at another small sit on top...
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    Weirdest thing Ive ever found in my apartments

    The way those were built, I could honestly see an architectural firm hire him for model building Aside from the weird part...they are really cool looking. Just the time and creativity involved is impressive
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    Weirdest thing Ive ever found in my apartments

    Please tell us you stomped around like godzilla when you were smashing the buildings! Or atleast made a laser sound when you were ripping them down...pew pew
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    Weirdest thing Ive ever found in my apartments

    Would you rather walk into that....or some fucked up sex prision with a gimp chained to the wall? Lol
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    Hit and run &$?!%?! Killed my dog!

    Sorry for thr loss man...... have hit a few farm dogs in my day while driving home. Though was able to get with the farmer and make things right. With a larger dog like yours...there will be some serious damage to the front of the vehicle. If a car, I would expect to see the entire front...
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    Do you hunt for Horns or Venison

    Typically for meat... have honestly never shot a buck before. Though the whitetails up here can get quite large. Though honestly to me and my family thr does taste much better.
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    Socially UNacceptable Humor

    Wouldn't that be the navy? The marines would have drawn a what the Roman equivalent of a crayon would be.