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  1. Z is time...he isn’t even moving now...

    Ugh. Its the worst. Thoughts are with you.
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    Chick-Fil-A Done???

    Shit. 559's have been my jean since, well as long as I can remember. WTF!!!! Let the search begin. The soft carharts and the firehose from duluth are alright but for a regular jean, where do I tun.
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    This Makes Me Sick

    Oh hell no!! Thats grounds for being hung right there
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    Chick-Fil-A Done???

    Oh no. Don't think I want to know about Levi's but, what did those fuckers do.
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    DIY suppressor

    Building them is fun as well as a hell of a lot faster than a form 4. Do some research on form 1 suppressor boards and you can fine tune the can for what you are after with baffle choice, spacing etc. I have had good results. super precision conceps sells good shit and is pretty much a one...
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    Is WTB threads good to go in the sale/buy/trade forums?

    Not only that, but the pit to boot.
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    Is WTB threads good to go in the sale/buy/trade forums?

    Hessian = scarlett letter. I love that it is bright red.
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    Powder load for aero precision ar10 .308 168 gr. smk 10 twist barrel

    42.8gn of h 4895, cci 200, lapua or hornady brass, just shy of mag length has been a real good shooter in everything I have tried it in. Its not a speed demon but its easy on brass and accurate.
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    Just Moved to CO, looking for ELR

    You boys both in Canon? Penrose? Im just up river.
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    Savage Bolt slop fix?

    Yep. Kinda ironic that the dastardly SAVAGE! requires a bit of a gentle touch. I can run one pretty quick, the old lady trained me to have a fast gentle hand when needed. I think most of the hate comes from guys that are all pissy when they get out shot by one that is a $500 rig and theirs...
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    Savage Bolt slop fix?

    Think of it as a trainer to teach you smooth straight bolt throw. Why are you needing to run a 300 win mag bolt super fast? Relish in the fact that you have a gun that (likely) is very accurate for very little money compared to a 5K rifle. Lots of savage hate on here but I am always amazed...
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    Best Multi Caliber Suppressor

    Why would it be designated .22? With all the form 1 research I did I was under the impression you wanted to designate for the biggest caliber it would allow.
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    Form 1 efile wait times?

    Yep. Big hard case with my name and address on it in two spots and two ups shipping labels on it. I had written it off as gone forever after about a month and then a couple weeks later it was on the doorstep when I got home. No explanation, just there. I was actually out shopping for a new...
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    Form 1 efile wait times?

    Submitted 3/23 prints 3/26 Approved 4/28 Seems to be running the gamut right now from less than 10 days to 50+. Seems like a couple months ago it was a pretty consistent 30-35 days.
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    GAP 10 G2 upper .308 win

    weekend bump.