Powder Burn Rate Chart

Powder Burn Rate Chart 2019

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  1. Updated Burn-Rate Chart

    May have powders not listed on the previous chart.

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Good addition here, and it is hard to make a 'scientific' chart. I spent a few years attempting to compile one, and there's a few powder manufacturers who publish the specific's of their powders.
And some other manufacturers, to which when you ask them for the same type of specific data, they reply "offendedly" as if one asked for their personal banking information.

And yet, it is THAT information that adds to the specifics for all the players, right? I gave up, and donated all the info I had compiled.

For some, it is 'free' and others it is 'super-secret'. Interestingly confusing in this day and age of "buy our stuff because we're better'er and proud of it". :D
No data for Alliant AR Comp (been out for years now), RL16, RL26, nothing on Shooters World powders, nothing on Hodgdon Enduron powders... Looks like a chart from 2010.
Then don't use it. I didn't create it - just posted it. If a powder isn't in there, someone didn't add it. There is no trustworthy method for anyone outside of a laboratory to gather this data.