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SCOPE SPECS TABLE: c. $500 | 6-24x / 5-30 / 4-20 | 10y Side Parallax | Exposed Turr. | Holdoff Ret. Version 126 (31May21)

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🔴 Scope Specs Table: Under $500 | 6-24x / 5-30x / 4-20x | 10y-Side Parallax | Exposed Turrets | Holdoff Reticle

I was looking for a scope for around $500, maybe a bit more, and I was simply overwhelmed by all the options.... 😵

Scribbling down notes about this scope and that scope, this feature and that, it got really confusing, because a scope can have so many variables! And for every shooting scenario different features are more important than others. And every shooter has their own personal preferences. It's fascinating!

Anyhow, I ended up choosing a more organized approach, a Scope Specs Table where I noted the features and specs that were important to me.

Now I had a tool to make quick comparisons between scopes, and figure out what tradeoffs I was willing to make in order to get as close to "perfect tool for the job" as $500 allow. 😊
There are over 70 scopes that fulfill the requirements described above.

Maybe there're some others for who this Scope Specs Table could be helpful. It's attached as PDF. 👍

Happy scope shopping!

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