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  1. S

    185gr and 1/12 twist?

    Hello, I have a thousand or so Lapua 185gr D46 bullets. I was wondering if these would be accurate through a 24" 1/12 twist L-W barrel? I know longer bullets like faster twists and these things are pretty long. Here's a sample pic:
  2. Target07

    1/12 twist Rem 700 .223

    I just aquired a Rem 700 .223 w/ varmint profile 26" barrel and it has a 1/12 twist barrel. I zeroed it the other day w/ Hornady 55 grain (not match just bulk ammo) and it was shooting sub-moa @ 100 yards. If I attempt to move to a heavier load (I don't reload....not just yet, so it would have...