1. Neko1454

    .338 Lapua Build

    Hello all! new to the forums, but i am embarking on my first rifle build and was looking to opinions on what i have in mind. maybe pros/cons as to the parts chosen? if something on this list you feel is not up to the standard of the rifle i'm building, let me know! I am forever learning. the...
  2. cybersniper

    1000yards on a 24 inch barreled 308

    hello: Any experiences on shooting 1000 yards with a 24" barrel 308 would be appreciated. EDuardo
  3. Opiy

    What caliber rifle for up to 600 and for 1000yards

    I am wondering what caliber gun to get for range of up to 600yards? I prefer something not .308. Would something like .270, .270 WSM, 300 Win, or .300 WSM do good? I want it in a caliber a little more readily a available also. I plan to be able to reload it. Now for 600 to 1,000 yards I was...