1. Fireman JB

    SOLD 2500 Hornady 109 ELDM

    2500 Hornady 109 ELD-M. Box was only opened to check them out. I bought them when I was unable to find bergers. Want to sell the entire lot at once. $950 shipped PayPal f&f as payment.
  2. Q

    Reloading Equipment WTS: Berger 6mm - 109gr hybrids

    Unopened 500ct boxes of Berger 109gr hybrids, 2 boxes (1000 bullets) - $700 shipped.
  3. TBass

    Photos Dot Drill shot at 109 yards

    This dot drill is a very humbling experience. I actually shot the target at it appears (I shot it sideways, instead if placing the target up & down). I did not take any zeroing shots, as I had shot the day before & the conditions were almost identical. After every shot I stood up and got back...