1. Pinmaster

    Rifle Scopes discontinued Leupold 16X

    Can anyone point me to information for a used scope that came on a Rem 700 PSS that I bought this weekend? It is a 16x fixed power Leupold scope. It is not the Mk4 16x. It has two gold rings at the objective end. It is gloss finished as well. I would like to find the specs for this scope if I...
  2. P

    Rifle Scopes Leupold Mark 4 16X M-1 vs. 16X M-1A Ultra

    What are the differences as they appear to be the same scope? Does the Ultra have the 140MOA elevation range? Does the Ultra have any advantages?
  3. T

    Rifle Scopes Super Sniper 16x?

    I hear a lot of talk about the SS 10x - And it's all good. Has anyone used the SS 16x42? Are they of comparable quality? Are there superior 14x-18x scopes in the sub-$500 price range?