1. jhutch3313

    6.8 Western

    This is more of a general ammo question rather than reloading however I do believe it applies to both. Is the 6.8 Western the next best thing? Or just another new caliber that is going to fizzle out. I have been doing a lot of research and comparing to the 270wsm and the newer of the two 6.5prc...
  2. C

    Firearms WTB 300WSM ,270 WSM

    Looking to buy a 300 WSM and 270 WSM. Don’t need anything $3000 looking for something similar to a Remington Sendero or Tikka T3 Roughtec quality fluted and threaded preferred. Thanks
  3. dontstrokeme

    270WSM Build...Pick stock color for me!

    Bought the rifle as a SS SPS and it was short chambered, asshole gunshop owner would not exchange it with either of the other two still in the boxes....had to send to Rem, well I had narrowed the trigger shoe and so when it came back it was COD for $80 for a new trigger. Well when Rem test fired...