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  1. O

    SOLD Buying land/ building a house sale

    As the title states buying land so thing need to go First up is a custom built vudoo v22 gen2 built by Jim Paul brown with wildcat custom rifles in Edmond Oklahoma tiger tech diamond flat shoe single stage 24 inch bartline mtu contour barrel chamber is cut for Lapua/sk ammo ec tuner sitting in...
  2. E

    Gunsmithing 7mm08 to 280AI to 7Mag?

    Okay the questions first since the explanation and excuses are rather convoluted. Will a 280AI reamer clean up a 7mm/08 chamber that was run too deep? If so that is all the info I need. If not will a 7 RM clean up a 280AI chamber? First off I am not sure what kind of brain fart I had that...
  3. B

    Loads for 280AI

    Working on some loads for my 280AI and curious as to any recommendations for 140 or 150 grain bullets. Thanks.
  4. S

    Hunting Loads - .280AI

    Looking for any advice on loading a .280AI for Berger VLD in 140gr, or any other bullets suitable for hunting Thanks