3 gun

  1. Mg427

    SOLD Price Lowered - Benelli M2 3-Gun Performance Shop new in case

    Benelli M2 3-Gun Performance Shop new in case 21 inch barrel, shot 5 shells never got in 3 gun sitting in the safe, time to move to a new owner. Shipped $1850 Paypal FF or add 3%
  2. A

    14.5 mid-length Training Upper - Noveske, Rainier or what?

    Hey guys/gals, I'm in the market to either buy or build a 14.5 mid-length upper to train with and hopefully take to some run and gun events/competitions and would appreciate opinions and thoughts. Right now my criteria is pretty simple: 1. Accurate - hate to miss a target or score low...
  3. OFIS

    Pelican & soft case, I have seen the light

    I remember there was a thread dealing with the theory/ usability of this setup, but I never liked the options of soft cases that were found to be in the golden ratio of 42x13x5... Until today: I finally bit the bullet and took a chance on the I Shot SERT 42" case and have no regrets. It fits...
  4. HBAM1

    So Cal MultiGun in April

    Guys, coming up next Sunday April 14th is the monthly 3 gun match at Pala. If you live in Southern California and own an AR-15 or similiar type weapon system, this is a great place to try your skills. Its OK if you just bought your first AR, or if you are a training officer for your SWAT...