Pelican & soft case, I have seen the light


Gunny Sergeant
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  • May 28, 2007
    Harrisburg, PA
    I remember there was a thread dealing with the theory/ usability of this setup, but I never liked the options of soft cases that were found to be in the golden ratio of 42x13x5...

    Until today:

    I finally bit the bullet and took a chance on the I Shot SERT 42" case and have no regrets. It fits like it was tailored for the Pelican 1720, which given the thought that goes into the ultimate usability of the case, I wouldn't doubt that was a design factor. Practically every review I could dig up online before purchase was to the tune of "...These are expensive, but they are the best..." and I find myself agreeing.


    It is a tight fit with the Remington 870 and 308 AR, an AR15 with Aimpoint fits about the same, but no issue closing the zipper. I doubt this layout would be possible with a scoped AR, though the ability to break them down would allow you to tetris the separate upper and lower in easier.

    Pardon my haste on posting this thread without more than a few minutes of time with the case, but if anyone else was considering something similar, pick the SERT case.
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