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  1. R8EDPG4

    SOLD DT SRS A2 300 WM RH Bolt Assembly

    Looking for a RH 300 Win Mag Bolt assembly for a Desert Tech SRS A2. Let me know what you have available. Should be P/N SRS-BL-BR-DT
  2. AIAW

    SOLD Nosler 300 Win Mag Brass - New

    Shoots really well. I get about 16-18 reloads on it before the web expands to a hard bolt lift. Too lazy to use the collet die on it after that. 124 pieces total. $175 shipped. I will accept PayPal, Venmo or Zelle.
  3. Jdowney37

    Reloading Equipment 300WM components (dies, bullets, brass)

    Selling some of my extra loading supplies, these are all for 300WM. Price includes shipping. Included is: -2 unopened boxes of Berger 30cal 200.2 bullets -Redding Type S bushing die w/bushing -Forster Ultra Micrometer seating die - 40 pieces of 2x fired, and annealed, Norma brass Would really...
  4. Jdowney37

    Accessories Proof Defiance Carbon Prefit 300WM

    Selling my lightly used carbon fiber proof defiance prefit barrel in 300WM. 24” 10 twist. I bought this back in January for a defiance 300WM build I was doing; I have since put 85 rounds, handloads only, through the barrel, following Proof’s specific break in procedure. The barrel is just now...
  5. SAUMuvabitch

    Accessories Sold

    3.715 COAL. 5 Round capacity with 300 win mag. Also works with 7 SAUM, 7mm rem mag, and some others(do your homework).Used once. Shows signs of being seated on body of mag. Retails for $80. $40 shipped or trade for LR/SR (DPMS LR308) mags.
  6. P

    I just got....

    BANNED! Read the rules.
  7. B

    Questions about military 300WM chambers.

    Questions about military 300 Winchester Magnum chambers. Both vintage and current. Recently came across a box of 400 pieces of FC 08 300WM brass I bought at least 10 years ago. After sizing with a Redding body die it will not chamber. I will need to buy a Larry Willis collet die to use this...
  8. Jdowney37

    Firearms Remington 700 Sendero 300WM

    Good evening all, Great gun here for sale, Remington 700 Sendero SF 2 in 300 Win Mag. I absolutely love this gun, but have made the hard decision to let it go to fund some other projects. It’s a stock Sendero, with the HS precision stock (painted FDE and OD green with Aluma-Hyde), with the...
  9. Mike173

    Firearms Zermatt Origin 300WM Altus

    Zermatt/Big Horn Origin 300WM Work done by Altus shooting Zermatt origin action Bartlein 23.5” M24 1/10 barrel Hawkins brake Triggertech special AICS 2014 LA chassis 4x AICS 300WM magazines $3600 or best offer. ATACR NOT included. 160 rounds of 190gr GMM through it. I’m only changing to an...
  10. TxDerek

    Firearms New Alamo Precision Rifles 300wm

    Selling a brand new, never fired, custom 300wm from Alamo Precision Rifles out of the DFW area. Details of rifle will be in the pictures from when the gun was originally purchased. *Also have a new Accutac hd-50 bipod that's never been used. *Also, have an Athlon Ares Etr new in box that I'm...
  11. NHA1988

    Firearms WTS/WTT Stiller LA 300 Win Mag

    Shoots great out to 1000 (that’s as much as I have available) shoots little bug holes when I’m doing my part. Just looking for a change. Stiller TAC 300 Bartlein 20” barrel with JP break chambered in 300WM XLR element chassis Gen 1 multi cam 1 Mag 20 MOA base Timney flat face trigger Bipod not...
  12. NHA1988

    Firearms Stiller 300 WM w/ Bushnell DMR II Price Drop

    Decided to put this rifle back up for sale or trade. Shoots great out to 1000 (that’s as much as I have available) shoots little bug holes when I’m doing my part. Just looking for a change. Stiller TAC 300 Bartlein 20” barrel with JP break chambered in 300WM XLR element chassis Gen 1 multi cam...
  13. Meehoe4DS

    Firearms Savage 110 Elite Precision - 300wm

    Selling my Savage 110 Elite Precision rifle chambered for 300 win mag. This rifle is basically new as I have only put 20 rounds through it. Comes with 5 round magazine Asking $1,900 shipped Accepting PayPal Friends and Family for payment Will ship from FFL to FFL Please let me know if you...
  14. wpeach1912

    Reloading Equipment Found

  15. Endless_Soup

    Firearms WTB Left Handed Bergara or Tikka in 300 Win Mag

    Like the title says, looking for a 300 Win Mag Tikka or Bergara rifle in south paw configuration. Anyone know where to pick one up where there in stock, or current leadtimes for that matter?
  16. dukerugger25

    SOLD Peterson 300 Win Mag (Long) Brass

    Selling 3 unopened boxes of Peterson 300 Win Mag (Long) Brass (150 total). This is the newly released version. I am selling it because I found some more ADG and do not want to have to redo load work up. Asking what I paid - $225 TYD.
  17. austinamigo

    Wassup Guys

    What’s up guys, my name is Austin. From San Antonio, Texas. Been in the military since 2014. I’m currently starting a Mk13 Mod 0 build and I got the MIRS and FCG from Thoroughbred Armament. I’m probably gonna get a McMillan A4 stock instead since I can’t find a Mk13 return stock that I can...
  18. TxDerek

    Firearms FULLY Built comp 300wm w/ reload gear!

    Full custom 300wm competition elr setup. $3500 for everything Alamo Precision Rifles G2 action 20moa rail Mueller Heavy Varmint 28" 1:8" Area 419 sidewinder brake Hawkins dbm bottom metal AccurateMag McMillian a5 Adjustable stock - custom paint Bedded action to stock Black cerakote barrel to...
  19. skulldragr17

    Firearms Robert Gradous 300WM Raffle

    Everyone...please do what you can to donate to the Robert Gradous Family GoFundMe. The link is below. For every $25 you spend, you will receive one entry to win this Gradous rifle. 300WM Deviant hunter action 3 position safety Jewel trigger Custom stock by APA Sunnyhill trigger guard Bipod...
  20. Q

    Sell me on a 300 WSM vs. 300 WM vs. 300 PRC for Hunting.

    Hi Crew: This is my first post in this forum, though I have been reading Sniper's Hide posts for years now. Love the input so many of you share. I am looking at purchasing my first 300. Already have other rifles in other calibers. The 300 will be primarily for hunting (to include elk or...