308 bcg

  1. Huskydriver

    SOLD Wmd nb 308 BCG w bolt ar10

    Like new only used for 30 rounds maybe? More pics on request. No trades. 200 shipped. Venmo preferred

    Accessories SOLD

    Hey guys, Going a different route and want to sell the complete upper with one box through it. It’s priced to move and a complete pms responded. 16” DMPS Barrel, DMPS BCG, aero upper receiver, Samson 15” mlok handguard, 7.5” carbine GB. Comes with everything in the pic minus the 2 pic rails...
  3. K

    Load development powder start?

    Hi I am planning on developing a load for my 20", 11/1, 308 with Berger 185 juggernaut, vv n550, cci 250, lapua brass. I want maximum safe velocity and my question is: Do I really have to start at the minimum powder amount in the load manual to be safe? It is about 41grains and to me it seems...
  4. HairyDemon

    308 BCG's DPMS Pattern.....help me decide.

    I am trying to make an educated decision on what BCG to get for my MATEN build, Only think that I find in stock is that I am relatively familiar with is CCMG, Fulton Amory, SI Defense, Black Rain Ordnance, and JP. DPMS proper BCG's are sold out everywhere, and everything else I have never heard...