1. A

    Firearms Scar17S Loaded W/Gen III 1-10 for sale or trade

    Like new Scar17S 7.62x51. Low round count. Like new Vortex Razor Gen III 1-10 MOA . This rifle has lots of goodies . Kinetic Mrex MkII rail, Geissele trigger, Scarburator gas valve, Vltor stock, kenetic charging handle . Comes with tri lug brake installed (not factory brake ) (2) 20 rd mags...
  2. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD AI 10 round 308 mag - $65 shipped

    Accuracy International 10 round magazine, great condition. $65 shipped conus
  3. L

    Proof 308 barrel into 300 win?

    Hey guys I’m new to this forum and I’m looking for a little guidance. I recently purchased a new 24” carbon fiber proof research barrel in 308 cal however, its uncut and will need to be milled to fit an action. Can I have a gunsmith chamber it for 300 wsm even though the barrel is marked 308? I...
  4. bonesaw00001

    SOLD 3x 10 Round Tikka CTR .308/6.5 CM Magazines + Tikka Stock with Extras

    Small wear marks, but in great working condition. 65 each or 160 for all three shipped [SOLD to seven mm] Also have a Tikka CTR Stock with bottom metal, ARCA Rail (https://tikkaperformance.com/product/tikka-t3x-t1x-arca-lite/), and push button sling swivel mounted in the front. Will sell or...
  5. Jdowney37

    Firearms Custom AR10/.308

    Selling my recently built AR10. It's basically brand new, I've shot 20 rounds through it, just enough to zero the scope. I built this early this year in anticipation of my brother and I doing some team sniper competitions this year, but he recently had a kid and shooting is nonexistent for him...
  6. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD Magpul AICS 10 round mag & Cole-TAC Hunter Ammo Wallet

    Both in great condition. Mag works with no issues, was rattle canned. Hunter wallet is in black Multicam. Mag - $28 shipped conus Wallet - SOLD
  7. OGER

    Firearms WTS - Impact 737 .308 Foundation Genesis (MG2)

    Hey All, This one falls under the same umbrella as my Kahles K318i - finally built up a dream gun of mine and now have to let it go to pay for our AC unit that just crapped out. The rifle is a dream and shoots itty bitty groups even with this dud behind the trigger. Less than 200 rounds on it...
  8. M

    Blueprint or custom action for Remington 700?

    I have a Remington 700 SPS Varmint 308 (26" bull barrel) that I put a Krg Bravo and ELF 700 trigger on. Love the gun but the action sucks. Firing pin won't stay back reliably if I work the action too hard. Love the barrel though. Regularly within 1/2 MOA. I found out to solve the action issue I...
  9. Snaz

    SOLD SOLD: .308" Lapua Subsonic 200gr bullets

    ***These are Projectiles ONLY, not loaded ammunition!*** 4 x 100 Lapua .308" 200 gr Subsonic bullets for 300BLK. $50ea or $180 for all, shipped USPS Flat Rate w/signature confirmation. *NO trades, please. PayPal F&F or add 3% G&S Thanks!
  10. R

    Firearms 16” .308 Tikka T3X Tac A1

    For sale, the discontinued 16” barrel .308 Tikka T3X Tac A1, 5/8X24 threads, less than 200 rounds through the gun. Comes with 1 mag. $1600 shipped to your FFL. If using PayPal G&S add 3.5%
  11. Turbwhistle

    SOLD Wts Defiance Ruckus ga hunter medium action 308

    Looking to sell my defiance ruckus, ga hunter, medium action, 308bolt. It has 500 rounds through it, it is nitrided, runs super smooth and runs reliably. Looking to get $1050 shipped to your ffl. Payments made through paypal f&f
  12. sneakypayload

    Accessories WTS/WTT 3 brand new AW magazines

    I have 3 brand new 10 round AW mags. Trade straight up for 3 new AICS 308 10 round mags (New condition), or Sell all 3 for $200 even shipped lower 48. one is still in wrapper, other two were insert into action, nothing more. PP FF only.
  13. F

    .308 win 175smk 20" 2650fps Powder Charge?

    Howdy all, Im looking to push a 175gr SMK to 2650fps out of a 20" Remington 700 short action so my ACSS Apollo BDC is accurate past 800yds. Bit of an ask out of an 20" I know but i believe its doable. My question is has anyone produced loads that replicate the performance I'm looking for...
  14. charliesavage

    Firearms Custom Falkor Defence AR10

    Selling My Frankin Falkor Defense AR10. Chambered in 308 with, and it has had 300 rounds through it. Parts are as follows: Falkor Defense Upper & Lower Proof Barrel 2A Armament Titanium Gas Block (Cerakote) SLR Rail Fail Zero BCG Geissele Trigger Magpul Furniture SilencerCo Flash Hider Radian...
  15. C

    Firearms FS/FT LMT LM8 MWS 308 with Burris XTR III 3.3-18x50

    Selling my Lewis Machine & Tool LM8 MWS chambered in 308/7.62x51. This model is fully ambidextrous with the exception of ambi bolt release seen on the MARS-H model. Offering the optic as as option, details below. Quite a few upgrades have been added to this rifle, making it a sweet shooter. Is...
  16. TwoBrokeShooters

    Firearms SOLD Rem 700 sps 308

    Older Remington 700 in 308. Was originally an sps varmint. I believe it was manufactured in 1997 going off of dates on barrel. Barrel has been shortened to 20" and threaded (done before i got it). Sitting in a McMillian MC3 Tradition stock with Magpul bottom metal and 5 rd aics magazine. Self...
  17. E

    Accessories FS: 308 Projectiles - Price drop!

    For sale is a Remage 26”, 1:10 twist, MTU contour, Criterion (CBI), 5/8x24 muzzle threaded, 308 Winchester barrel. There are 550 rounds logged, all ammo has either been factory or reloads. No barrel nut is provided. Remage barrel - $275 Additionally, these 2 lots of projectiles. Keeping them...
  18. Kimber.204

    SOLD FN SPR / SAC some assembly required

    I bought these items about 8 months ago from another member on this forum, but I haven't touched them since. It's time to send this to a good home where it will be enjoyed. - FN SPR barreled action - action blueprinted by Short Action Customs, Bartlein Barrel, 5R, MTU contour 1:11 twist I...
  19. Chasingpro

    Aero AR10 308 ammo

    I recently picked up an Aero precision M5 in .308. I am trying to figure out what shoots the best out of everyone else’s guns. I would typically just buy a bunch of different stuff, but with ammo prices I’d rather narrow it down to a few choices to pick from. Looking for accuracy up to about 500...
  20. mhgray5

    SOLD LaRue PredatOBR 14.5" .308

    LaRue PredatOBR .308, includes the following: 14.5" .308 LaRue barrel with a Surefire Warcomp P/W by LaRue (1500 Rounds) 14.5" .308 LaRue barrel with a Lantac Dragon Dead-Air KEYMO brake P/W by D.Wilson (40 Rounds) (2) 25 round windowed pmags (1) Larue 20 round mag (2) Picatinny rail sections...