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  1. B

    145gr m62 load data help 308/300blk

    This afternoon i purchased 500 145gr M62 tracers pulled from 30-06 from cdvs.us i plan to use them in supersonic loads for 300 blackout and 308 winchester. my platform for my 300blk is a 10.5 inch ar and my 308 platform is a savage 110 highcountry with a 22 inch barrel. my powder for 300blk is...
  2. Kinetic Moose

    SOLD 308 Brass mostly once fired FREE (see Details)

    DETAILS... OK PEOPLE... I have 460 ish 308 brass some once fired mostly(read 95%), about half i think is Horny's and the rest federal, winchester, prime, some ruschinkenese in there as well, ONE TIME offer,,, FREE.. all you pay is shipping ( cause one you SOB's will live in Alaska and ask for...
  3. G

    308win 190gr SMK

    I have a R700 20" 10 twist rifle....i developed a 190gr SMK load using 41.9gr Varget, Fed Gold Primers, and Hornady brass....I am averaging 2390fps. It groups sub-MOA. Here's my question: is 2390fps "fast enough" for a 190gr SMK? My rifle seems to "like" the 190gr more than the 175gr, but I am...
  4. K

    Load development powder start?

    Hi I am planning on developing a load for my 20", 11/1, 308 with Berger 185 juggernaut, vv n550, cci 250, lapua brass. I want maximum safe velocity and my question is: Do I really have to start at the minimum powder amount in the load manual to be safe? It is about 41grains and to me it seems...
  5. D

    Somebody reloading for a Coruña C.75 308Win?

    Looking for info about reloading the 308 for this rifle, which is the former sniper rifle of the Spanish army. Someone out there for help? Thanks beforehand, DESOLA.-
  6. awaken

    Anyone use 135SMK in 308WIN

    The search function has failed me! What kind of range are they good for? I have not heard anything about them so please share your thoughts Dave
  7. swarrick

    208 AMAX in 308Win

    I have a box of 208 Amax sitting around and I would like to work up a load for my 308. The twist in my tube is 11.25 at 24 inches. With that info where do I start? My normal load is 175grn SMK with 42grns of Varget .018 off the lands. Can I stay with varget, will the 11.25 stabilize the 208 and...
  8. Suzuki

    Hunting & Fishing .308win ammo for Elk

    Well looking for a good ammo choice for a Rem 700 LTR .308win Normally do archery and drew a rifle tag this year so will be taking her out of the safe.
  9. D

    Photos My R700 .308win.

    I bought this Remington 700 "Police" (.308win) off of GunBrokers! It's got a 26'' Heavy Barrel with Parkerized Finish, Remington's HS Precision Police Style Stock(Tactical?) with Full Aluminum Bedding Block and Double Swivel Studs in Front for Bi-pod and Sling Attachment. It also comes with a...
  10. NorCal Vu

    Gunsmithing 308win Match Reamer?

    Guys, What reamers would you want to use for a match spec chamber for 308win? Is there one with the lead already set for 168s and 175 match ammo? Is there an industry standard reamer that outfits like GAP, KMW, R&D would use for their 308 builds? Or does each outfit have their own flavor on...