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    Accessories *Sold!******* Accuracy International AXMC 338 Lapua Magazine

    Hello, I have a lightly used AXMC 338 Lapua magazine. I’ll sell this for $100 and buyer pays shipping or do a straight trade for a AXMC 338 Norma Magazine. This magazine is black and holds 10 rounds. Buyer pays shipping. Thanks!
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    Accessories ****Sold**** Used Accuracy International AXMC .338 Lapua barrel $500

    I just purchased an AI AXMC in 300 Norma Mag and this 338 barrel came with it. It has been lightly used with approximately 290 rounds through it. This will fit your AXMC perfectly. Barrel length is 27”. $500 and buyer pays for shipping and insurance if desired. Thanks for looking!
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    338Lapua Magnum - Barnes Bullets

    Hi everyone, I'm looking at trying 225grn TTSX from Barnes as a hunting load. My local dealer advised me to load the projectiles at least 50 Thou off the lands. While this gets the length of the cartridge down to a length that will fit in the magazine, I'm concerned that a jump that...